Photo Friday: Alpine Tourism in the Alps

This week’s Photo Friday features personal images from GlacierHub reader and avid skier Amanda Maughan. Her photographs include The Matterhorn, the Zermatt Ski Region, and the Jungfrau Region. Another notable travel destination is the Great Aletsch Glacier, which is the largest glacier in the Alps. Between 60 to 80 million people visit the Alps annually, according to the Climate Change Post. Tourists often travel to the Alps to capture its beauty, for sport, and for unique cultural experiences.

Zermatt ski trail with The Matterhorn in the distance (Source: Amanda Maughan)
Arial shot of the Alps (Source: Amanda Maughan)


Jungfrau Region (Source: Amanda Maughan)
The Matterhorn Glacier in the Pennine Alps, Switzerland (Source: Amanda Maughan)
Jungfrau Region (Source: Amanda Maughan)