Photo Friday: Norway’s Picturesque Sognefjord

Nicknamed the King of the Fjords, Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, spanning 127 miles in length and reaching a depth of 4,265 feet below sea level. Steep cliffs around the fjord reach elevations of over 5,570 feet.

Fjords are long, narrow inlets of the sea, situated between mountainous coastline on either side. Fjord formation occurs when significant glacial retreat reaches bedrock level. The glacial retreat then leads to land erosion and the creation of a U-shaped valley, which fills with seawater, resulting in unique geological features such as Sognefjord.

This week’s Photo Friday captures Sognefjord’s picturesque views, beauty, and expansiveness.

Sognefjord, Norway (Source: Simon X, Flickr)
Sognefjord, Norway (Source: Kari Siren, Flickr)
Sognefjord, Norway (Source: bjarne.stokke, Flickr)
Sognefjord, Norway (Source: Thorbjørn Øvrebø, Flickr)
Sognefjord, Norway (Source: Sabin Merino Basterretxea, Flickr)

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