PhotoFriday: Kali Moves Into New Home

McDonnell Polar Bear Point of the Saint Louis Zoo welcomed its first occupant – Kali on May 5, 2015. Kali is a two and half year-old, 850-pound orphaned male polar bear. He was turned over to US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) after his mother was killed by an Alaska Native hunter. His new home is located adjacent to Penguin and Puffin Coast at the Zoo, where a large dive pool is bounded by expansive split view windows. “This wonderful habitat shows our commitment to protecting polar bears, which are declining in the wild and are highly vulnerable,” said Jeffrey P. Bonner, Ph.D., Dana Brown President and Chief Executive Officer of the Saint Louis Zoo during interview with the Intelligencer. “By working to not only conserve polar bears in the wild but to offer a wonderful habitat for breeding and caring for bears, we can help save these iconic animals.” Let’s take a peak at how Kali explores his new home at Saint Louis Zoo.

As you know, sea ice is crucial to polar bears in terms of survival. Polar bears take advantages of ice floes and breath holes when hunting seals or fish. Dramatic sea ice reductions resulted from increasing temperature has lead to rapid decline in polar bear population. Moreover, polar bears also make use of icebergs which are formed from calving glaciers. The Inuit, indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic, recognize this association between polar bears and icebergs.

Aiming to reduce its carbon footprint, the Saint Louis Zoo has carried out sustainable practices. In addition, it tries to promote sustainable behaviors among visitors. Here are some photographs of polar bears.

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For more information about the Saint Louis Zoo and Kali, visit here.