Photo Friday: Peder Balke’s Mountain Landscapes

Peder Balke (1804 – 1887) is often known as the “Painter of Northern Light.” A painter firmly rooted in the Romanticism movement, which flourished from 1800 to the 1860s, his landscapes and seascapes portray the power and majesty of nature. His work depicts the wildness of Norwegian seascapes and the potential nature has to destroy.

Balke’s talent has recently been rediscovered by collectors and museums alike. A collection of his work is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City until July 9, some of the paintings featuring depictions of glaciers.

“Le Jour ni l’Heure” by Peder Balke (Source: Renaud Camus/Flickr).


“Vardøhus festning” by Peder Balke. (Source: Jorunn/Creative Commons).


An oil painting by Peder Balke entitled “Stetind in Fog” (Source: Peter Balke/Creative Commons).


“Les Sept Soeurs” by Peder Balke. (Source: Chris Waits/Flickr).


“Ceci n’est pas le Cap Nord” by Peder Balke (Source: Bosc d’Anjou/Flickr).