Roundup: Western Canada, Supercooled Water and Seaweed

Glacier Change: Dynamic Projections


“Mountain glaciers around the world are in decay. According to a modelling study that — unusually — includes full ice flow physics, those in Western Canada will largely be restricted to the coastal region by the year 2100.”

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Supercooled Water near the Glacier Front 


“Measurements of temperature and salinity were performed in the immediate vicinity of Paula Glacier in the Rinders Fjord (Spitsbergen) in March 2013. At a distance of 15 m from the glacier, we found water with significantly smaller salinity than the surrounding waters. The water temperature appeared 0.35°C lower than the freezing temperature.”

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The Impacts of Glacier Retreat on Seaweed Growth


In Potter Cove, Antarctica, newly ice-free areas appeared due to glacial retreat. Simultaneously, the inflow of sediment increased, reducing underwater photosynthetically active radiation (PAR, 400–700nm).

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