Roundup: Game of Thrones, Earth Selfies, and Glacier Safety

Roundup: Greenland, Earth Selfies, and Pakistan

Game of Thrones Actor Photographs Climate Change

From Travel + Leisure: “Google Maps announced a project with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, ‘Game of Thrones’ actor and U.N. goodwill ambassador, that takes Street View to southern Greenland. Coster-Waldau, who is Danish-born but whose wife is from Greenland and whose family has a home in Greenland’s Igaliku, is focused on increasing awareness of climate change as part of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to showing the landscapes of Greenland on Street View, Google also put together a time-lapse showing how snow and ice coverage has changed over recent years.”

Read more about their work here.

Explore climate change in Greenland with Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Source: Google Maps/Travel + Leisure).


New Earth Selfies Every Day

From Science Magazine: “The San Francisco, California–based company Planet, launched 88 shoebox-sized satellites on a single Indian rocket. These satellites joined dozens already in orbit, bringing the constellation of ‘Doves,’ as these tiny imaging satellites are known, to 144. Six months from now, once the Doves have settled into their prescribed orbits, the company says it will have reached its primary goal: being able to image every point on Earth’s landmass at intervals of 24 hours or less, at resolutions as high as 3.7 meters— good enough to single out large trees. Data from Planet is even enabling the monitoring of glaciers.”

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Logo for the California-based company Planet (Source: Planet/Creative Commons).


Glacier Safety Awareness in Pakistan

From Pamir Times: “Mountaineers and researchers from Shimshal Valley trekked across northeastern Pakistan this January, to raise awareness about saving glaciers from a warmer environment. Pakistan is home to the world’s largest glaciers outside of the polar region. The expedition was aimed at monitoring and collecting data to analyze the change in the glaciers due to global warming. The activists hope to inspire people at every level around the world, and Pakistan in particular, to stand up and take some substantial steps in addressing the issues of global warming and climate change.”

Read more about the expedition here.

Spurred by a press conference in Islamabad last December, activists traveled to Skardu, Pakistan to spread their message (Source: Waqas Usman/Creative Commons).
Aactivists traveled to Skardu, Pakistan to spread their message (Source: Waqas Usman/Creative Commons).


Roundup: Snow Bacteria, Sting, and Glacier Awareness

Roundup: Bacteria, Sting, and Glacier Awareness


Snow Bacteria in the Tibetan Plateau

From INFONA: “Snow bacterial abundance and diversity at the Guoqu Glacier and the East Rongbuk Glacier located in the central and southern Tibetan Plateau were investigated using a 16S rRNA gene clone library and flow cytometry approach. Bacterial abundance was observed to show seasonal variation, with different patterns, at the two glaciers. High bacterial abundance occurs during the monsoon season at the East Rongbuk Glacier and during the non-monsoon season at the Guoqu Glacier. Seasonal variation in abundance is caused by the snow bacterial growth at the East Rongbuk Glacier, but by bacterial input from the dust at the Guoqu Glacier. Under the influence of various atmospheric circulations and temperature, bacterial diversity varies seasonally at different degrees.”

Read more about it here.

Location of Guoqu and Rongbuk Glaciers on Tibetan Plateau (source: Liu et al. / Abundance and diversity of snow bacteria in two glaciers at the Tibetan Plateau).
Location of Guoqu and Rongbuk Glaciers on Tibetan Plateau (source: Liu et al.).



New Animated Music Video – Sting’s “One Fine Day”

From AboutVideo: “Some celebrities do not grow old, not only outwardly but also in the creative plan. In November 2016, the British singer Sting has pleased his fans with a new studio album ’57th & 9th,’ his 12th. On sounding, the album refers to the days Sting was part of the band The Police. The success of the new album has fixed the singer in the top twenty of the UK Albums Charts… In the song ‘One Fine Day,’ Sting sings about protecting the environment. He calls for common sense with regard to nature and its gifts. The musician appears in the video as a silhouette on crumpled paper. The beautiful images on paper give a sense of danger. Sting shows how the glaciers are melting and the politicians are endlessly arguing with each other, leading to the destruction of the planet.”

Watch the video here.

One Fine Day by Sting (source: Sting / Youtube).
Art from One Fine Day by Sting (source: Sting/Youtube).



Raising Awareness About Glacier Retreat

From : “A group of mountaineers and a researcher from Shimshal Valley – Hunza, reached Askoli, a remote mountain village in Skardu, after walking across the Braldu Pass. They are on a a mission to raise awareness about saving glaciers from depleting… The expedition members surveyed Mulungdi glacier and Khurdupin glacier before embarking on their journey to Askoli on January 6… Pakistan is home to world’s largest ice glaciers out of the polar region. Spread over an area of 16933 square kilometers, there are over 5000 glaciers in the Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral regions of Pakistan, including the famous Siachin Glacier, Biafo Glacier, Khoordhopin Glacier, Batura Glacier, Braldu Glacier, Snow lake and many more. These glaciers are the major source of water feeding the major rivers in Pakistan.”

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1st Winter Glacier Conservancy Awareness Expedition 2017 (source: Pakistan Integrated Mountain Conservancy Program).
First Winter Glacier Conservancy Awareness Expedition 2017 (source: Pakistan Integrated Mountain Conservancy Program).