Video of the Week: Instruments Made From Arctic Ice

GlacierHub’s Video of the Week shows a song performed in Tempelfjorden, Norway using instruments carved from Arctic ice that broke off of a melting glacier.

Musicians played a song called “Ocean Memories” which was composed specifically for the concert.

The video is aimed at building support for Greenpeace’s campaign to protect the oceans.

Listen to the song in this week’s video:

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Requiem for a Glacier Excerpt: Gradual from Paul Walde on Vimeo.

This week’s slideshow features live action shots of Requiem for a Glacier, the sound performance and video installation by intermedia artist Paul Walde. The purpose of the work is to pay tribute to British Columbia’s Jumbo Glacier area, comprised of five glaciers. Recently, the area has come under numerous threats including global warming and the possibility of a resort development. The project takes three main forms a) a site specific outdoor performance; b) an exhibition/installation featuring audio and video footage of the performance; and c) a multimedia sound indoor performance.

Click here for more information on this innovative masterpiece.

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