Photo Friday: Glacial Moraine Maps as Art

Joerg Schaefer, a geoscience researcher at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, specializes in tracing the history of moraines through cosmogenic radionuclide dating. He depicts the results of his research in maps of moraines–the accumulation of glacial till and sediment at the end, or snout, of a glacier, or along its sides. While scientific in nature, the maps themselves are visually stunning- prompting GlacierHub to showcase some of the glacial maps from Schaefer’s research.

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Joerg Schaefer
Joerg Schaefer, photo from personal website

Schaefer is most interested in studying the dynamics of earth surface processes and their interaction with climate, as well as ice ages and the dating and quantifying of changes in earth’s climate and landscape. He can be contacted here.