Roundup: Disappearing Ice, Italian Hydropower, and Surface Energy

Unprecedented Ice Loss in Russia

From “In the last few years, the Vavilov Ice Cap in the Russian High Arctic has dramatically accelerated, sliding as much as 82 feet a day in 2015, according to a new multi-national, multi-institute study led by CIRES fellow Mike Willis, an assistant professor of Geology at CU Boulder.”

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Depiction of ice loss in Russia (Source: Whyjay Zheng/NASA/USGS).


Glacier Retreat Drives Reduction in Italian Hydropower

From Applied Energy: “We assess the impacts of nine climate-change scenarios on the hydrological regime and on hydropower production of forty-two glacierized basins across the Italian Alps, assumed exemplary of similar systems in other glacierized contexts.”

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Debris-Covered Glaciers in Nepal

From Frontiers in Earth Science: “We present measurements collected between 26 September and 12 October 2016 from an eddy correlation system installed on the debris-covered Lirung Glacier in Nepal during the transition between monsoon and post-monsoon. Our observations suggest that surface energy losses through turbulent fluxes reduce the positive net radiative fluxes during daylight hours between 10 and 100%, and even lead to a net negative surface energy balance after noon.”

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Debris below lake on Langmale Glacier (Source: Alton Byers).