Roundup: Gains and Losses in Glacial Economies

Each week, we highlight three stories from the forefront of glacier news.

Why Are People Stealing and Selling Glaciers?

From CARE2:

Chitral River, Pakistan
Chitral River, Pakistan. (Photo: Flickr user junaidrao)

A recent report describes a region in Asia in which people travel up to a glacier and remove ice blocks from it. The report states “Along the Chitral River in Pakistan, some locals are stealing and selling the glaciers that are melting in their backyard. Residents of the small town Chitral are not necessarily taking the glaciers because they want to — but rather as a matter of surviving dire energy and water shortages.”

To learn more about the region’s energy and water crisis, click here.


Glaciers’ monitoring: Germany approves €6 million grant

From The Express Tribune:

A glacier in Pakistan.
A glacier in Pakistan. (Photo: AFP)

“Germany has approved a grant of six million euros to monitor over 5,000 melting glaciers in Pakistan.

The German government through its KfW Development Bank will provide the amount to the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) for a project ‘Glacial monitoring for energy and water security in Pakistan’ for telemetric equipment in lower stretches of glaciated areas.”

Learn more about the grant and proposed project here.


Greenland’s wooden Icefjord Center will offer sweeping views of the glacial landscape


The Icefjord Center
The Icefjord Center (Photo:MIR)

“The Icefjord Center is an undulating wooden structure designed to offer spectacular views of a famous glacier in Greenland’s Sermermiut Valley. Conceived by Danish studio Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, the building bridges the landscape while replicating the feeling of hiking across a fjord. When it opens, the center will provide space for residents, researchers and tourists to learn about climate change.”

See more breathtaking photos of the Center and learn about its construction here.