Roundup: Brown Haze, A Glacier Song, and Adventure Sixty North

Roundup: A Video, A Glacier Song and Pollution

Glacier Retreat from Rick Brown’s Perspective

From Vimeo: In the video “Glacier Exit” by Raphael Rogers, Rick Brown, owner of Adventure Sixty North, takes viewers on a glacier ice hike. Rick has been guiding tours in Seward, Alaska, since the early 1990s. On this particular tour, Rick points out areas where the glaciers have been retreating at a rate of 150 feet per year. This retreat, which used to take hundreds of years, now only takes a year or two and is resulting in visible wildlife changes. The video quotes Lord Byron – “I love not Man the less, but Nature more.”

Watch the stunning video “Glacier Exit” here.

Welcome sign to Seward, Alaska (Source: J. Stephen Conn/Flickr).


Brown Haze Particles Over the Himalayas

From Atmospheric Environment: “The Tibetan Plateau is one of the largest plateaus in the world. Its glaciers are a major source of rivers like the Indus, the Ganges and the Yangtze. Yet, the rapid pace of urbanization and industrialization along the elevated site of the Himalayas have subsequently increased the burden of atmospheric pollution (which has adversely affected the Himalayan glaciers and hence the climate system). Brown haze can consist of soot, fly ash, organic particles and various salts. Its deposition on Tibetan glaciers is an important factor responsible for rapid glacier retreat and thermal heating.”

Read more about brown haze and its implications here.

Haze along the Himalaya Front Range (Source: NASA).


Electronic Musician GLOKMIN’s New Song “Glacier”

From Twitter: “Glacier” is the title of the new single by the electronic musician GLOKMIN. He is a 21-year old artist from Alexandria, Virginia, and he performs in Washington D.C. From his song, you can hear some glacier/ambient sounds coupled with lyrics such as “your heart’s a melting glacier.” The song begins with the sound of a glacier cracking and falling onto the ground below.

Listen to the full song and others by this artist here.

Electronic artist GLOKMIN (Source: Twitter).