Photo Friday: Piecing Together an Adventure During Quarantine

If you, like me, are going stir-crazy at home as quarantine slowly drones on and are looking for a way to escape reality, try solving a jigsaw puzzle that takes you on a journey to the top of an ice-capped mountain. Actually, solving jigsaw puzzles does provide a metaphorical escape from the times in life when we we’ve seemingly lost all control. They have been proven to boost mental health by offering psychological order to the chaos we feel around us. This is because moments of insight, such as figuring out where a puzzle piece belongs, triggers the brain’s reward system — the same system that responds to food and other primary gratifications.

During instances of insight, the brain releases dopamine, a hormone that allows us to experience elation. Every time our reward system is triggered, we intrinsically wish to experience it again. In other words, we are evolutionarily motivated to seek insight. We are problem solvers by design. According to The Washington Post, insight sparks “curiosity and exploration and the production of new ideas that induce the advancement of all aspects of human society, including science, technology and culture.” Unfortunately, most of us are at an exploratory standstill and are lacking stimulus within the confines of our homes.

Therefore, little pleasures these days should be cherished as they constitute the source of dopamine release — consequently endorsing good mental health. Moreover, travelers who are likely experiencing cabin fever might still be aching for a glimpse of adventure. So, what better way to simultaneously satisfy your body’s thirst for happiness and your mind’s desire for natural beauty than with a mountain-themed jigsaw puzzle?

Who knows, maybe by the time all the pieces come together, you will have determined the destination of your next real-life, dopamine-inspired adventure.

Perito Moreno Glacier In Patagonia, Argentina. Source: Latin Content/Zazzle

Grinnell Glacier, Montana. Source: Into The Wild/Zazzle

Perito Moreno Glacier Front In The Andes, Argentina. Source: Latin Content/Zazzle

Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada. Source: Eugene_Designs/Zazzle

Glacier Ice Landscape, Iceland. Source: One with Nature/Zazzle

Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana. Source: ~tjk Creative & Photography~/Zazzle

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. Source: The_Everything_Store/Zazzle

Glaciers in Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington. Source: One with Nature/Zazzle

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