GlacierHub Seeks Contributors for Its New, International Feature Series

GlacierHub is seeking contributions for a new, ongoing feature that we are launching this summer. We’re calling it “Dispatches from the Cryosphere.”

If you’re a researcher, student, photographer, or working with a public or private-sector organization focused on glaciers and the people who rely on them, we want to hear from you. The series will provide our growing readership first-person perspectives on the state of the world’s glaciers.

Whether you’re a scientist tracking glacier melt, part of a team developing disaster preparedness, a resident of an alpine community developing an innovative response to the threat of glacier lake outburst floods, a climbing enthusiast spending the summer months scaling remote peaks, or a graduate student interning in the Andes, we’re looking to provide a platform for your digital postcards from the world’s glacier habitats.

Specifically, we’re interested in publishing dispatches that incorporate a short text (500-800 words) and some images, which needn’t be captured with expensive camera equipment, iPhone pictures will do just fine.

If you’ve got an idea for a dispatch, email GlacierHub’s managing editor Ben Orlove and senior editor Robert Eshelman-Håkansson with a short description of where you’re at and what you’re up to.

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But if you’re not immersed in the dynamics of a glacier somewhere around the world, we still want to hear from you. In addition to publishing on a daily basis news, analysis, images, and video aimed at deepening understanding of the world’s glaciers, we also distribute a weekly newsletter. You can sign up for it here.

GlacierHub serves to link people who are concerned about glaciers, so that they can communicate with each other and develop responses to the precious, threatened and resilient places atop our world’s mountains. We cover glaciers on all the world’s continents, including the Andes, the Himalayas, and New Zealand’s Southern Alps; domestic and international news and analysis about glaciers; and art and culture concerned with glaciers.