Roundup: Glacial Sounds, Rhythms and Reactions

Flutist Claire Chase Captures Glaciers in Music

Claire Chase performs “Glacier,” a piece by Japanese composer Dai Fujikura. “…in Chase’s performance of “Glacier” (2010), a solo for bass flute by Dai Fujikura, her breath floated audibly above much of the music, giving it a ghostly quality,” New Focus Recordings writes. “With subtle changes in the angle of the mouthpiece, she was able to invoke the sound of more ancient types of flutes made out of wood, bamboo and stone.”

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El Niño Linked to Glacier Mass Balance in Peruvian Andes

“The El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a major driver of climate variability in the tropical Andes, where recent Niño and Niña events left an observable footprint on glacier mass balance […] We find a stronger and steadier anti-correlation between Pacific sea-surface temperature (SST) and glacier mass balance than previously reported. This relationship is most pronounced during the wet season (December–May) and at low altitudes where Niño (Niña) events are accompanied with a snowfall deficit (excess) and a higher (lower) radiation energy input.”

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Peruvian Andes, courtesy of Michael McDonough on Flickr.
Peruvian Andes, courtesy of Michael McDonough on Flickr.

Communities in Tajikistan Threatened by Glacier Retreat

“The rapid loss of small glaciers worldwide might result in mountain villages changing from having plenty of water during the growing season, to facing a scarcity even in scenarios with adaptation […] A 2010 participatory case study in the Zerafshan Range, Tajikistan, disclosed a local lack of awareness of climate change and its consequences […]The case study revealed high risks of massive out-migration from mountain villages if adaptation starts too late: countries with a high proportion of mountain agriculture might see significant losses of agricultural area, a reduction in food production and an increase in conflicts in areas where immigration occurs.”

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Mountain side and village. Tajikistan. Photo: Gennadiy Ratushenko / World Bank
Mountainside and village. Tajikistan. Photo: Gennadiy Ratushenko / World Bank