Roundup: Drought Warning, A Plane Crash, An Eruption

Melting of Glaciers Threaten Water Supply of Billions

Tibetan yak. (Source:

From The Columbus Dispatch: “A consortium of scientists from around the world have gathered in Columbus at Ohio State University’s Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center for the first U.S. meeting about climate issues facing the Tibetan Plateau, a region that includes about 100,000 square kilometers of glaciers that provide drinking water to nearly a third of the Earth’s people. ‘It has to do with water resources, it has to do with the atmospheric processes that drive the monsoon system in that part of the world, which is so important for water, for agriculture,’ said Lonnie Thompson, distinguished university professor and one of the organizers of the consortium.” “


One change, Thompson said: The glaciers are melting faster than they should, which could limit water in that region in the future.”

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Never Too Old to Crash Land on a Glacier



From The Weather Network: “A pilot and his two passengers are safe after a wrong turn forced the trio to make an emergency landing on a glacier. Vern Hannah, 81, was flying his single-engine Beechcraft plane from Pitt Meadows to Whistler in British Columbia, along with two passengers, when they took a turn down the wrong valley Sunday. ‘It was too late to turn back, so all we could do was try and out climb the valley, so we flew up the valley,” Hannah told the CBC Tuesday. “But we kept losing airspeed and there was a terrific downdraft that kept us from climbing…pretty soon we were right close to the rocks….’ Hannah was skilled enough to keep the plane climbing without stalling, long enough for them to reach the nearby Pemberton Icefield glacier, where Hannah managed to put the plane down safely.”

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Highest Active Volcano with Glacier is Acting Up

NASA photo of  Klyuchevsky volcano in northeastern Russia (Source: Volcano Discovery)

From Volcano Discovery: “As had been previously suggested, the volcano’s most recent eruptive phase had become both effusive and explosive: in addition to ash-generating strombolian explosions from the summit vent, a new, but short-lived lava flow appeared during 23 or 24 April and descended approx. 800 m on the south-eastern flank of the volcano ….Kliuchevskoi is Kamchatka’s highest and most active volcano. ”

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