Photo Friday: Mount Aragats

Mount Aragats, a 13,435 ft mountain peak in northwestern Armenia, is located to the northwest of Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan and north of the Ararat Plain. There is no doubt that it is the highest mountain in Armenia, which places it on the World Country High Points peak list. Aragats is a large circular andesitic-to-dacitic stratovolcano that consists of both lava and tufa. The crater of the volcano has turned into a cirque of a glacier, and contains some other small glaciers as well. Several striking photographs of Aragats Glaciers are shared below.

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Photo Friday: A Glacier from the Cradle of Civilization

At the convergence of modern-day Turkey, Armenia, and Iran sits Mount Ararat, which is actually two peaks. The higher of the pair, “Great Ararat,” sits more than five thousand meters above sea level, and is home to a glacier on its crown. Due to its visible presence in one of the longest-inhabited regions of the world, Mt. Ararat is the topic of countless myths, mentioned in a wealth of real history, and is an emblem of pride and identity for millions of different people. In Judeo-Christian tradition, the mountain is believed to be the site where Noah’s ark landed after the waters of the Flood receded, and the nearby Armenian highlands are often suggested as the location of the Garden of Eden.

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Glacier stories you may have missed – 9/08/14

(photo: Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs)
(photo: Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs)

Glacier Landslide Blocks Traffic between Russia and Georgia/Armenia


“On 20th August, another landslide occurred at the same site, once again blocking the Dariali Gorge.  This landslide, which is reported to have originated at the glacier, is reported to have been larger..”


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Chilean Government Pressured Over Glacier Law

“Chilean NGOs and parliament members are putting pressure on President Michelle Bachelet’s administration to pass a new glacier protection law.”


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Glaciers in China Have Shrunk by 15 Percent in 30 Years


“China’s state-run media reported  that the country’s glaciers have shrunk by 15 percent over the last thirty years because of, obviously, global warming.”


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