Photo Friday: Restless Veniaminof Volcano

Veniaminof, a glacier-covered volcano on the Alaska Peninsula, has been erupting since early September. As of 4 October, the Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that seismic unrest continues at Veniaminof, which remains at code ORANGE/WATCH, with satellite data observing elevated surface temperatures. The volcano, which last erupted in 2013, is producing lava and minor ash emissions.

This Photo Friday, view images of¬†Veniaminof’s recent unrest.

Photo of Veniaminof’s active vents and lava flow on 26 September 2018 (Source: Mark Laker USFWS).


Veniaminof in eruption, September 25, 2018. Two plumes are visible: the lower one due to the interaction of the lava flow with ice; the upper one from an active vent (Source: Mari Peterson/AVO).


ESA Sentinel-2 image of Veniaminof volcano and active lava flow on the south flank of the intracaldera cone on September 16, 2018 (Source: AVO/USGS).


Veniaminof in eruption, evening of September 18, 2018 (Source: Pearl Gransbury).


Veniaminof in eruption, September 2018 (Source: Zachary Finley/AVO).


Veniaminof in low-level eruption on September 5, 2018 (Source: Joe Timmreck and Alaska Central Express).