Photo Friday: Popocatépetl, Mexico’s Glacier-Covered Volcano

8 March 2019, by

At a height of nearly 18,000 feet, Mexico’s glacier-covered Popocatépetl is visible from Mexico City. Recent volcanic activity has led authorities to issue health warnings for residents of southern boroughs in the capital who could be exposed to ash emitted by Popocatépetl.

Lahars Increase Stress-Tolerant Vegetation on Explosive Popocatépetl

7 March 2019, by

Glacier-covered volcanoes, such as Popocatépetl, are more susceptible to lahars due to glacial melting that occurs during eruptions. Research shows an increase in stress-tolerant, competitive vegetation due to the changing environment.

On Carbon, AGU President Robin Bell Walks the Walk

6 March 2019, by

A profile of Robin Bell, the world’s earth science leader. She says individual effort on climate change leads to collective action. She takes her carbon footprint seriously, and thinks you should too.

Video of the Week: Preserving Sheepherding and Tradition Among Nepal’s Tamang Community

6 March 2019, by

Manchhiring Tamang’s documentary “A Day in the Life of a Himalayan Shepherd” beautifully captures the vast Himalayan landscape and sheepherding practices of the Tamang community in the Dhading district of central Nepal.

Ragnar Axelsson Documents Iceland’s Disappearing Glaciers

5 March 2019, by

In striking monochromatic images, Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson shows the poetic beauty of his homeland’s glaciers as they begin to recede in a rapidly warming world.

Roundup: Blood Falls, Protecting North Cascades’ Glaciers, and Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment

4 March 2019, by

This week’s Roundup covers Antarctica’s Blood Falls, a bill passed by the US Senate that could protect glaciers in North Cascades National Park, and the new Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment.

Photo Friday: Kevin Lyons Captures Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier

1 March 2019, by

See Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier from a local’s perspective and how human activities are bringing about rapid changes to Earth’s cryosphere.

The New Science Editors of the Journal of Glaciology

28 February 2019, by

The Journal of Glaciology recently brought on several new science editors who are eager to improve understanding of climate change and its impacts. They look forward to utilizing their skills and expertise to build on current climate knowledge and explore new areas of research.

What the Newest Global Glacier-Volume Estimate Means for High Mountain Asia

27 February 2019, by

A new study of the ice-thickness distribution of the world’s 215,000 glaciers found that High Mountain Asia has 27 percent less ice than previously thought—and could lose half of its glacier area by the mid-2060s.

Inspiring Girls Expeditions: Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Scientists

26 February 2019, by

The organization is dedicated to encouraging woman to pursue careers in the male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Roundup: Geopolitics in South Asia, “Last Chance Tourism,” and Antarctic Fjords

25 February 2019, by

This week’s Roundup includes escalating conflict in South Asia over water, a study on “last chance tourism,” and a look at glacial meltwater in Antarctic fjords.

Photo Friday: These Glacier-Covered Volcanoes in Chile Could Soon Erupt

22 February 2019, by

Heightened volcanic activity in the Nevados de Chillán prompted Chilean authorities to issue an orange alert in anticipation of an eruption.