Glaciers in the Olympic Mountains Could Vanish by End of This Century

7 January 2020, by

The glaciers shrank 40 percent between 1981 and 2015, largely because of human-caused global warming. Audio is available by clicking through.

Roundup: The Glacier Compensation Effect, Amazon Fires Melt Andean Glaciers, and Australia’s Bushfires Accelerate Melt in New Zealand

6 January 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, a recent study confirmed the glacier compensation effect, while fires in the Amazon and Australia impact glaciers thousands of miles downwind.

Photo Friday: Bushfires in Australia Continue to Devastate New Zealand Glaciers

3 January 2020, by

Bushfires in Australia continue to burn. As they do, the fallout is settling as a layer of soot on the surface of glaciers downwind in New Zealand, hastening their demise.

Kerguelen Island Glacier Retreat Expands Lake District

2 January 2020, by

An examination of Landsat and Sentinel imagery from 2001-2019 shows glacier retreat of outlet glaciers on the Cook Ice Cap––and an expanding lakes district.

Amazon Fires Quickening Glacier Melting in Andes

31 December 2019, by

The burning rainforest releases black carbon into the atmosphere, which, according to a growing number of scientific studies, directly contributes to the melting of glaciers.

Roundup: Iceberg-Tsunami Dynamics, Backcountry Avalanche Risk Rises, and Cruikshank Receives Prestigious Award

30 December 2019, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about a study to better understand iceberg-tsunami dynamics, avalanche risk on crowded backcountry slopes, and Julie Cruikshank is recognized by the Polar Knowledge Canada.

Photo Friday: Glaciers Smile Down on Electric Ferries

27 December 2019, by

Washington State Ferries is working toward converting its three largest and most polluting ferries to electric power.

Crowded Backcountry Ski Slopes Increase Risk of Skiers Endangering Each Other

26 December 2019, by

Avalanche risk is on the rise as more people enter backcountry alpine terrain. A new study seeking to quantify the risk to multi-party avalanches hopes to raise awareness and provoke discussion.

Study Aims to Better Understand Iceberg-Tsunami Dynamics

24 December 2019, by

Iceberg calving can create powerful waves when large chunks of ice fall from glaciers into the ocean. A recent study conducted 66 experiments to better understand the features of iceberg calving to determine iceberg-tsunami strength and parameters.

Glacier line in 1934. Credit: Simon Norfolk, Project Pressure

Roundup: MELTDOWN Visualizing Climate Change, Foodweb Complexity of High Mountain Lakes, and Melting Swiss Glaciers

23 December 2019, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the ongoing exhibition MELTDOWN in London by Project Pressure, a study examining food webs of high mountain lakes, and a comprehensive look at Swiss glaciers and the implications of their melt.

Photo Friday: A Southern Patagonia Glacier from Space

20 December 2019, by

This Photo Friday is brought to you by a resident of the International Space Station; astronaut Christina Koch shares a personal image of Perito Moreno glacier in the Patagonia ice field.

Last Remaining Glaciers in the Pacific Will Soon Melt Away

19 December 2019, by

A warming atmosphere and less precipitation falling as snow on Pacific glaciers, like Papua New Guinea, are killing them. Researchers believe other mountaintop glaciers will follow quickly.