Acoustics of Meltwater Drainage in Greenland Glacial Soundscapes

16 April 2020, by

Environmental soundscapes provide information across a varied range of phenomena, but glaciers represent a relatively new soundscape frontier. A new paper presents the first evidence of unexplained acoustic phenomena being generated by water drainage through a crevasse on Bowdoin Glacier in Greenland.

Video of the Week: Nepali Celebrities Take Part in Coronavirus Song

15 April 2020, by

A COVID-19 song performed by Nepali A-list entertainers was published in March of this year. The song warns about the novel coronavirus and describes actions to reduce the spread.

Robotic Kayaks Discover High Rates of Underwater Glacier Melt

14 April 2020, by

A recent study using autonomous kayaks found evidence that ambient submarine melting beneath the tongue of Alaska’s LeConte Glacier has been underestimated by a factor of up to 100. The finding opens the door for further research into a previously minimized factor in glacier melt.

Roundup: Covid-19 Reports From Glacier Regions

13 April 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, we check in on glacier regions battling the coronavirus: a five month-old girl in Pakistan beats the disease, unconventional ‘stay home’ order enforcement tactics in Nepal, aid provided by Indigenous communities in Ecuador, how an aprés-ski town in Italy fueled the spread in Europe, anecdotes from the Italian Alps, and a new food fund in Washington State.

Photo Friday: Coronavirus Shutdown Brings Clean Air, Clear Mountain Views

10 April 2020, by

Stay home orders worldwide have slowed the thrum of human activity. Water is clearer, air is cleaner, and even seismic activity is more detectable. Some glacier communities are seeing their mountains through visibility not experienced in decades.

Peruvian Study Opens Doors for Glacial Research

9 April 2020, by

An article published in March studies the impact of glacier retreat on water quality in the Rio Santa watershed in Peru. This case study is important for communities dependent on this freshwater source and for researchers in glacierized regions.

Video of the Week: Ice Fall at Chenega Glacier

8 April 2020, by

In this week’s Video of the Week check out a dramatic ice fall at Alaska’s Chenega Glacier captured by Australian Geographic photographer Chris Bray, who was there last autumn to capture the footage.

Court Blocks Trump Logging Plan for Mt. Hood

7 April 2020, by

A federal court ruled against the Trump administration in a long-running legal battle over the Crystal Clear logging project on the eastern slopes of Mount Hood, which threatened thousands of acres of old growth forest.

Roundup: COVID-19 Glacier Regions Update and a Glacier Hazard In Peru

6 April 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, an update to glacier regions’ struggle against coronavirus, including a “disturbing” rate of cases in the Pacific Northwest, global religious groups continue to congregate, soccer season is still kicking off in Tajikistan, and public trust in their government’s response is lacking in glacier countries. Meanwhile in Peru a major ice collapse has an entire region on high alert.

Photo Friday: Chilean Volcanoes at Yellow Alert

3 April 2020, by

A couple of glacier-covered volcanoes in Chile, Nevados de Chillán and Villarrica are at yellow alert. The two volcanoes pose imminent threats to the communities living in their shadows.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Complicates Tourism in the Everest Region

2 April 2020, by

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are limitless, reaching even the most remote corners of the Earth, including the Everest region, where the virus is inflicting cascading impacts upon mountain tourism and local well-being.

Video of the week: Quechua Musicians Urge Coronavirus Precaution Through Traditional Song

1 April 2020, by

This video is filmed in the Callejon de Huaylas, located at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca in the north central highlands of Peru, and features a song about coronavirus that is performed in the region’s native Quechua language. The song emphasizes instructions for people to wash their hands and not to ignore advice with “the ears of a pig.”