To prevent mining expansion, form your own country

25 June 2014, by

Chilean law does not recognize its 3,100 glaciers, leaving them with limited protection from industrial development. Most notably, the copper mining industry, which contributes 15 percent of the country’s $268.3 billion GDP, often encroaches on the glaciers, tapping water for operations, or dumping mining detritus on them. Recently, the state-owned Codelco proposed expansion of the […]

The Painting Is Our Desire for the Mountain: The glacier artwork of Rudolf Stingel

16 May 2014, by

Scientists have long used historical photographs of glaciers as a source of data. They provide evidence on the size of glaciers in the past, and in this way allow researchers to establish the pace of glacier retreat.  In recent years, an Italian artist—who grew up among glaciers himself—has found a new way to work with […]

What a 2,600-year-old pine needle can tell us about the melting Alps

3 April 2014, by

The glaciers of the Alps are melting – and at twice the rate of other glaciers around the world. But what did those glaciers look like in the past? The retreat of glaciers can reveal important data about our climate’s past. High up in the eastern Alps, near the Swiss-Italian border, glaciologists are drilling into […]

At the Foot the Rockies, Tribes Make Tough Decisions

27 February 2014, by

In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains live the Native American Blackfoot tribes. Facing high unemployment, the tribe opened up their lands to oil and gas production to boast the local economy. The number of wells has grown since the fracking boom on the Great Plains, leading to concerns about this ecologically and culturally important […]

Rongbuk Mountains

15 February 2014, by

Growing up in exile and spending a majority of my life as a stateless refugee, I tried to deconstruct my identity through asking my parents about their experiences and stories. My mother was crucial in shaping my identity. Her stories always revolved around the Rongbuk Glacier. She was born raised in the shadows of the […]

Climate Refugees of Nepal Himalayas

15 February 2014, by

The ancient village of Samzong located inside Mustang district in northwestern Nepal Himalayas, is facing disappearance as acute water shortage for irrigation and livestock in the area is forcing the villagers to consider a future elsewhere. Samzong had once been the main port connecting the northern Tibetan civilization and the southern Indic neighbors. Cultural records […]

Photos from Franz Josef Glacier

14 February 2014, by

The Franz Josef Glacier located in Westland Tai Poutini National Park on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island.