Glacier stories you may have missed – 9/15/14

15 September 2014, by

India’s diesel fumes fuel glacier melt “Kieran Cooke, has recently been in Kolkata, one of the country’s biggest and most polluted population centres: he says increasing pollution is not only harming Kolkata’s citizens – it’s also a likely contributor to climate change taking place in the Himalayan region…” Read more here.   Number of Alaska […]

Photo Friday: A visit to South Georgia (the island, not the state)

12 September 2014, by

“South Georgia has become one of ‘those’ places, so steeped in myth and magic that you wonder how a visit can live up to the stories. Happily the landscape shrugs off any human description. I’m still stunned after visiting for the first time and for just a few precious days, I certainly don’t have words […]

Icelandic Richard Branson touts pure water, but at a cost

11 September 2014, by

Icelandic businessman Jón Ólafsson has some bottled water he wants you to try that’s as clear as can be. In 2003, when Ólafsson owned 85 percent of all the music recorded in Iceland, he decided to call it quits from his telecom and media empire and try something new. Providing what might be one of […]

Traces of tourism at the Peru glacier are more than footprints

10 September 2014, by

Pastoruri Glacier in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca has gone through many different cycles. In the 1980s and well into the 1990s, in was a prime spot for tourism. Easily accessible in spite of its altitude above 5,000 meters, groups of skiers, backpackers, and high school spring breakers flocked to the icefields. In 2001, the glacier at […]

Craters have appeared on two glaciers in Iceland

9 September 2014, by

The recent volcano eruptions in Iceland have created enormous circular depressions in two of the country’s glaciers. These dramatic features, which differ from each other in their origins and shape, are visible from the air. A reconnaissance flight over Bárðar­bunga, the volcano where the first earthquakes were detected last month, shows that the ice over […]

Glacier stories you may have missed – 9/08/14

8 September 2014, by

Glacier Landslide Blocks Traffic between Russia and Georgia/Armenia   “On 20th August, another landslide occurred at the same site, once again blocking the Dariali Gorge.  This landslide, which is reported to have originated at the glacier, is reported to have been larger..”   Read more here. Chilean Government Pressured Over Glacier Law “Chilean NGOs and […]

Photo Friday: Happy Shorebird Day

5 September 2014, by

GlacierHub is glad to join the first World Shorebirds Day on September 6, 2014, by showing the diversity of shorebirds that are found near glaciers, including tidewater glaciers and glaciers in mountain lakes. These include classic waders such as the black stilt and the least sandpiper. Other birds also frequent the shores of glacial waters. […]

When glaciers appeared in a galaxy far, far away

4 September 2014, by

Rabid Star Wars and glaciologists share at least one thing in common. They both know about the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier in Norway, where scenes set snow planet of Hoth were shot for The Empire Strikes Back. The possibility of returning to Hoth in the new Star Wars movie has been circulating the Internet rumor mill for […]

Flooded with memories in Nepal

3 September 2014, by

I was born and raised in Kathmandu but Monzo has always been the place I call home. Monzo is where my paternal grandmother spent all of her life tending our fields and looking after our ancestral home. Monzo is also the place where my father was born and raised until he left for Kathmandu to […]

Glacier scientists play the game of drones

2 September 2014, by

For many years, the word “drone” was used only infrequently by bee enthusiasts, bagpipe players, and people subjected to monotonous music. However, in recent years it has taken on a new and controversial meanings associated with pilotless aircraft. For many, the word is steeped in controversies that stem from its military uses in conflict zones. […]

Glacier stories you may have missed – 9/01/14

1 September 2014, by

Climate Change adaptation and disaster risk reduction “As the frequency of disasters is increasing, and more people and properties are at risk, it is time to exploit the natural resource in a way that we can contribute to reduce the global warming. Effective disaster management measures should be taken, and mass awareness, institutional mainstreaming, and […]

Lava, and alerts, are seeing red

31 August 2014, by

Our colleague Gísli Pálsson wrote this morning from Iceland, “The show is on; this time a considerable eruption.” At the Holuhraun lava field, lava has been erupting since Sunday morning. These lava fountains reach more than 50 meters high. Though they are dramatic, they do not release ash that would interfere with aviation. This activity […]