On Tibetan Plateau, Permafrost Melt Worse Than Glacial Melt

14 January 2015, by

According to a recent study published in the journal Public Library of Science, glacial melt is taking a backseat in the Himalayas to permafrost melt as a central driver of alpine lake expansion and related environmental hazards. This finding is of great importance to policy-makers and communities, who must prepare for flooding and other hazards […]

John Muir: America’s Ice-Chief

13 January 2015, by

A rhapsodic wanderer trained in geology and botany, John Muir had a big hand in launching the American environmental movement and is considered by many to be the godfather of America’s national parks. The Scottish-born naturalist wrote numerous screeds in defense of wild places for national magazines around the turn of the 20th century that […]

Roundup: Thawing Glaciers, Iceberg Calving, “Dead” Glaciers

12 January 2015, by

Thawing Glaciers Release Pollutants  “As glaciers increasingly melt in the wake of climate change, it is not only the landscape that is affected. Thawing glaciers also release many industrial pollutants stored in the ice into the environment. Now, within the scope of a Swiss National Science Foundation project, researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Empa, […]

Photo Friday: Nunataks in Antarctica

9 January 2015, by

Nunataks are small volumes of rock that emerge above ice sheets and glaciers. They are isolated from mountain ranges and are often easier to access. This makes them particularly useful to geologists as a source of data about bedrock. The photos here shows the view of nunataks in Antarctica taken by Euphro and Chantal, who are both nunatak scientists […]

Two GlacierHub Writers Win Prizes in 2014

8 January 2015, by

Tsechu Dolma received a Brower Youth Award on 21 October 2014. These awards have been given since 2010 to young environmental leaders from Across North America in recognition of “sustainable projects, innovative ideas, and informed analyses” that benefit the environment. Dolma was born in Nepal to Tibetan refugee parents, and moved to the US when […]

An Icy Art Installation Clear As Crystal

7 January 2015, by

“Thinning Ice”, an installation commissioned by Swarovski for its ninth year at Design Miami (December 3 – 7, 2014), links melting glaciers and climate change through a three-dimensional experience. Architect Jeanne Gang collaborated with James Balog, a National Geographic filmmaker/photographer, to create the installation, which includes a kind of glacier sculpture and a series of […]

Ice Cavers Travel Into the Heart of Glaciers

6 January 2015, by

As their name suggests, ice caves are tunnel-like features that occur within ice bodies, usually glaciers. They have been known to science at least since 1900, when the American explorer and scientist Edwin Balch described them in his book Glacières or Freezing Caverns. In recent decades, some ice caves have become major tourist attractions. Ice […]

Roundup: Glacier beds; Laser Scanning; Kenya’s Glaciers

5 January 2015, by

Glacier beds get slipperier as sliding speed increases “As a glacier’s sliding speed increases, the bed beneath the glacier can grow slipperier, according to laboratory experiments conducted by Iowa State University glaciologists. They say including this effect in efforts to calculate future increases in glacier speeds could improve predictions of ice volume lost to the […]

Photo Friday: Glaciers in China

2 January 2015, by

Southwest China, part of the Tibetan region, has a large number of high peaks, many of them with glaciers. The photos here are showing glacial mountains from Tibet, Szechuan, and Yunnan provinces in southwest China. These are taken by Yu Song, a Chinese traveler with a strong interest in exploring the beauty of China’s mountain. Photo Friday […]

GlacierHub’s Top Ten Posts in 2014

31 December 2014, by

Will An Icelandic Volcano Erupt Under A Glacier In 2015? Craters Have Appeared On Two Glaciers In Iceland Glacier Archaeology Comes Of Age Artists Stage Glacier Worship In Peru For Climate Change The Risk Of An Exploding Glacier is Heating Up In Iceland Bhutan’s Glaciers and Yak Herds Are Shrinking If A Glacier Melts On A […]

India is Training Students to Be Glaciologists

30 December 2014, by

India’s rivers are fed by meltwater from mountain glaciers in the Himalayas. Data on these Himalayan glaciers, many of which are melting due to climate change, is incomplete, however. “Only about a dozen of the nearly 9,700 glaciers in the Indian Himalayas are being monitored,” wrote Adi Narayan, an Indian journalist, in a recent article […]

Roundup: Rare Insect, Conference, New Fragrance

29 December 2014, by

Rare Insect Imperiled by Melting Glaciers “The persistence of an already rare aquatic insect, the western glacier stonefly, is being imperiled by the loss of glaciers and increased stream temperatures due to climate warming in mountain ecosystems, according to a new study released in Freshwater Science. In the study, scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey, […]