How Dust From Receding Glaciers Is Affecting the Climate

5 June 2019, by

Little is known about the amounts and sources of ice nucleating particles in the Arctic. But as Arctic glaciers recede, a study on Svalbard indicates their dust will alter cloud properties and shorten their lifetime.

New Weather Stations Aid Denali Researchers and Climbers

4 June 2019, by

Weather instruments placed atop large masts will provide scientists and outdoors enthusiasts with better information about North America’s tallest peak.

Roundup: World Environment Day, Mount Everest Deaths, and Kangerlussuaq Glacier Retreat

3 June 2019, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about 2019 World Environment Day activities, deaths on Mount Everest, and exceptional retreat of Greenland’s Kangerlussuaq Glacier.

UNESCO-Recognized Glaciers Could Shrink 60 Percent by End of Century

30 May 2019, by

Glaciers found within 21 of 46 UNESCO World Heritage sites could completely disappear by 2100, according to new research published by the American Geophysical Union.

Chickamin Glacier Retreat Generates Separation and Lake Expansion

29 May 2019, by

Mauri Pelto, scientist and author at From a Glacier’s Perspective, analyzes Landsat images of southeast Alaska’s Chickamin Glacier.

Scientists Catch Tibetan Snowcocks on Camera in their High-Elevation Habitats

23 May 2019, by

Harsh climate and environmental conditions makes it difficult to study species in high elevations. In a recent study published in Avian Research, scientists used camera traps to observe the elusive Tibetan snowcock in the Himalayas.

GlacierHub Seeks Contributors for Its New, International Feature Series

21 May 2019, by

If you’re a researcher, graduate student, or a glacier enthusiast, we’re looking for contributors to “Dispatches from the Cryosphere,” a new feature series we are launching this summer.

Roundup: Melting in the Caucasus, Tibetan Lake Expansion, and Early Warning in Ecuador

20 May 2019, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about glacier retreat in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, glacier lake expansion on the Tibetan Plateau, and early warning systems in Ecuador.

Photo Friday: Fi Bunn’s Alpine Images

17 May 2019, by

Photographer Fi Bunn discusses the allure of alpine settings that makes her return again and again to capture the peaks of southern Switzerland.

Nepal Considers Uranium Mining Proposal in the Himalayas

16 May 2019, by

A decade-old proposal for uranium mining in Nepal’s remote, glacier-rich Upper Mustang region has gained renewed attention from government officials eager to boost prosperity.

Video of the Week: Flying over Jakobshavn Glacier

15 May 2019, by

This Video of the Week features Greenland’s Jakobshavn glacier, which recently began advancing after a long period of retreat.

Mercury from Melting Glaciers Threatens the Tibetan Plateau

15 May 2019, by

As the plateau’s glaciers melt, mercury contamination from fossil fuel emissions is being released into the region’s surface water.