Photo Friday: Glaciers in China

2 January 2015, by

Southwest China, part of the Tibetan region, has a large number of high peaks, many of them with glaciers. The photos here are showing glacial mountains from Tibet, Szechuan, and Yunnan provinces in southwest China. These are taken by Yu Song, a Chinese traveler with a strong interest in exploring the beauty of China’s mountain. Photo Friday […]

GlacierHub’s Top Ten Posts in 2014

31 December 2014, by

Will An Icelandic Volcano Erupt Under A Glacier In 2015? Craters Have Appeared On Two Glaciers In Iceland Glacier Archaeology Comes Of Age Artists Stage Glacier Worship In Peru For Climate Change The Risk Of An Exploding Glacier is Heating Up In Iceland Bhutan’s Glaciers and Yak Herds Are Shrinking If A Glacier Melts On A […]

India is Training Students to Be Glaciologists

30 December 2014, by

India’s rivers are fed by meltwater from mountain glaciers in the Himalayas. Data on these Himalayan glaciers, many of which are melting due to climate change, is incomplete, however. “Only about a dozen of the nearly 9,700 glaciers in the Indian Himalayas are being monitored,” wrote Adi Narayan, an Indian journalist, in a recent article […]

Roundup: Rare Insect, Conference, New Fragrance

29 December 2014, by

Rare Insect Imperiled by Melting Glaciers “The persistence of an already rare aquatic insect, the western glacier stonefly, is being imperiled by the loss of glaciers and increased stream temperatures due to climate warming in mountain ecosystems, according to a new study released in Freshwater Science. In the study, scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey, […]

Photo Friday: Glacier Melt and the 2014 AGU Conference

26 December 2014, by

Last week, the fall meeting of the American Geophysics Union wrapped up in San Francisco. The meeting is the largest annual gathering of Earth and space scientists. This year about 24,000 people were in attendance. Hundreds of oral and poster presentations across all areas of geophysical research marked this year’s meeting, which included several findings […]

Will An Icelandic Volcano Erupt Under A Glacier In 2015?

24 December 2014, by

A group of well-placed observers have warned the world about the possibility of a major volcanic eruption in Iceland in 2015. Steen Jakobsen, the chief economist of the Danish trading and investment firm Saxo Bank, and the bank’s strategy team have issued their “Outrageous Predictions” for the coming year. They state that these predictions are […]

Kumtor Gold Mine Threatens Central Asian Glaciers and Water

23 December 2014, by

Central Asia’s Tien Shan mountain range, Chinese for “celestial mountain,” is the site of a heated battle over gold, water and ice. Stretching 1,500 miles along the borders between China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and reaching up to 7,000 meters above the sea, the mountain’s steep peaks host some of Central Asia’s most important glaciers, which […]

Roundup: Chinese Glaciers Shrink, Glacial Buzzsaws, Mars’ Grand Canyon

22 December 2014, by

“China’s glaciers have retreated by 18 per cent over the past half century, a comprehensive survey has found, as some experts warn of “chain effects” that could have an impact on water supplies in the country’s western regions.”

Photo Friday: Miracles on Arid Lands

19 December 2014, by

Some of the most unanticipated glaciers in the world are siting atop Iran’s mountains. Natural glaciers serve as a major fresh water resource in this arid country. Glacier recede plays a crucial role in affecting Iranian water supplies in urbanism, industries, and agriculture. Hence, Project Pressure was instigated by Klaus Thymann in 2008 as a non-profit […]

Glacier Hazards Linked to Prolonged PTSD in Kids

18 December 2014, by

In June 2013, several days of torrential rains bombarded India’s northern state of Uttarakhand causing devastating glacier lake outburst floods (GLOFs), river flooding, and landslides. This event is considered to be the country’s worst natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami. Packed with Hindu pilgrimage sites, temples, and tourists, Uttarakhand saw entire settlements washed away. Roads […]

As Peru’s Glacier Vanish, Villagers Appeal To The Gods

17 December 2014, by

In October 2011, while I was conducting ethnographic research on water and climate change in southern Peru’s Colca Valley, I was invited to join the villagers of Pinchollo on a hike up to the point at the foot of a glacier where meltwater starts flowing down towards the village. There, we offered a gift to […]

Public Event On The Anthropocene In New York On Thursday

16 December 2014, by

GlacierHub’s editor Ben Orlove and two other anthropologists will be speaking this Thursday at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. This event is a roundtable on the Anthropocene, the term describing the new epoch that has just begun, one where humans have major impacts on the planet’s ecosystems. Geologists can observe the […]