Icy Adventures in Norway

24 June 2015, by

If you want to walk and climb on glaciated areas for an extraordinary experience, you should visit Norway before the glaciers melt away. You do have some decades ahead, though, before glaciers really become scarce there. Still, rising  temperatures have caused a dramatic decrease in glacial volume in Norway as in other parts of the world. […]

Prehistoric Glaciation Influenced Frog Evolution

23 June 2015, by

Extensive studies in continental regions have discovered that climate variations can have strong impacts on the distribution and evolutionary history of species. Now, a study of mountainous areas, where few studies have been conducted, has found similar patterns in the current distribution and population isolation of a frog species on the Tibetan Plateau. The study, […]

Muztagh Ata

Roundup: Snowmaking Guns, Antarctic Ice, and Black Carbon

22 June 2015, by

Ski Resort’s New Snowmaking Guns  Describing a major ski resort in British Columbia, Canada: “De Jong says that after commercial operations end in July, four snowmaking guns and other infrastructure will be installed. It is expected to be used beginning in October. ‘If the pilot project is conclusive, this unique project will become a significant […]

Thule Glacier, Greenland

PhotoFriday: NASA Views Greenland Glaciers From Above

19 June 2015, by

NASA’s Operation IceBridge is finishing up its seventh annual campaign surveying Arctic ice levels. The operation has run biannual polar expeditions, one to the Arctic and the other to the Antarctic, each year since its formation in 2009. This year’s spring survey of the Arctic wrapped up on May 22. While Operation IceBridge uses advanced remote […]

A Soccer Team’s Fight to Protect Chile’s Glaciers

18 June 2015, by

“QUE GANEN LOS GLACIARES,” or “VICTORY TO THE GLACIERS” is not a slogan you’d expect to see associated with South America’s Copa America, which kicked off last Thursday in Santiago, Chile. As Chilean fútbol fervor builds, Greenpeace Chile has launched its own soccer campaign in support of its Glacier Republic. In March 2014, Greenpeace declared the […]

Will the Pope Mention Glaciers in His Encyclical?

17 June 2015, by

As people around the world await the release of a new encyclical on climate change by Pope Francis, we at GlacierHub are eager to see how glaciers are featured in this document. The great moral weight of the pope could lend considerable support to efforts to address climate change. Will the encyclical also draw on […]

The Dancing Glacier

16 June 2015, by

The recent recession of the Qollqepunku glacier has ended an ancient ceremonial practice. Because of the rapid melting of the Qollqepunku glacier, and other glaciers in the region, the Ukuku have stopped taking glacial ice during the annual Qoyllurit’i festival and no longer light traditional candles on the glacier. Each indigenous community that attends the Qoyllurití festival designates individuals to play the important role of […]

Roundup: the Glacier Run, Models, and Georgia Glaciers

15 June 2015, by

The Glacier Run The 8th Glacier 3000 Run and Gstaad Kids Run will take place on Saturday, August 8, 2015. The racecourse passes through a beautiful alpine landscape offering both runners and spectators many spectacular views. Between the starting point on the Gstaad Promenade at 1’050 meters and the finish line at Glacier 3000 (2’950 […]

PhotoFriday: Kali Moves Into New Home

12 June 2015, by

McDonnell Polar Bear Point of the Saint Louis Zoo welcomed its first occupant – Kali on May 5, 2015. Kali is a two and half year-old, 850-pound orphaned male polar bear. He was turned over to US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) after his mother was killed by an Alaska Native hunter. His new home […]

Cracked: Life as a Musher on Alaskan Glaciers

11 June 2015, by

Blair Braverman had a tough job. For two years, between May and September she lived on a glacier the size of Rhode Island where her role was to give tourists the perfect Alaskan experience. But beneath the facade, life was a challenge. “Nothing was meant to live on the glacier, and the longer I stayed […]

World’s First Rave Inside a Glacier

10 June 2015, by

In less than two weeks, seventy people will gather almost half a mile below Europe’s second largest glacier. There, they will dance to an electronic DJ set, and will be served drinks made with glacial vodka and glacial ice cubes. [slideshow_deploy id=’4684′] The Langjökull ice cave event, called ICERAVE, is part of the Secret Solstice 2015 festival […]

Glacial Runoff: Bane or Boon for Aquatic Life?

9 June 2015, by

As glaciers melt around the world, their waters carry high concentrations of sediments into glacial lakes and rivers. That glacial sediment brings some nutrients into the lakes, but also blocks sunlight– the energy source which organisms need to survive. In a recently published paper in The Journal of Plankton Research, titled When glaciers and ice sheets melt: […]