Roundup: Himalayan GLOFS, Glacier-Fed Rivers in Peru, and New Zealand’s Southern Alps

1 April 2019, by

In this week’s Roundup, find out about the challenges of estimating GLOF trends, a new project aimed to assess climate impacts on glacier-fed rivers, and the different effects of climate on small and large glaciers.

Photo Friday: The Shrinking Glaciers of the Altai Mountains

29 March 2019, by

This week’s Photo Friday features the receding glaciers of the Altai Mountains, which are located in East and Central Asia.

Last-Chance Tourism Spurs Eco-Consciousness and Climate Change

28 March 2019, by

Last-chance tourists often visit remote destinations to take in the beauty and experience of a place that may not be the same in the future. But in doing so, they are contributing to climate change, negatively impacting these destinations through carbon-intensive travel.

Video of the Week: Glacial Thinning in Greenland

27 March 2019, by

The week’s video of the week documents glacial thinning on Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier. Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier is one of Greenland’s largest tidewater outlet glaciers.

Blood Falls: Origins and Life in Subglacial Environments

27 March 2019, by

A new study on Antarctica’s Blood Falls reveals the origins of the unique bright-red discharge, and what it could mean for finding life elsewhere in our solar system.

Nevado Ausangate Glaciers, Peru Retreat, and Lake Formation

26 March 2019, by

Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist at Nichols College in Massachusetts and author of the American Geophysical Union blog From a Glacier’s Perspective, analyzes the retreat of the Ausangate Glaciers in Peru.

Roundup: Catastrophe on Mt. Ararat, Albedo Effect in the Alps, and Meltwater in Greenland

25 March 2019, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about an analysis of an 1840 catastrophe on Turkey’s Mt. Ararat, new insights on the albedo effect in the Swiss Alps, and the impact of meltwater in a High Arctic fjord.

Photo Friday: Taurus Mountain Range and the Last of Turkey’s Glaciers

22 March 2019, by

Turkey was once home to several large glaciers, many residing in the Taurus mountain range. Over the last few decades, their areas of coverage has decreased tremendously with changes in climate. Very few glaciers exist today.

Rising Temperatures Threaten Biodiversity Along the Antarctic Peninsula

21 March 2019, by

The 800-mile-long Antarctica Peninsula is one of the fastest warming regions on the planet. The rising temperatures have led to significant glacial melting, which is a threat to the ecosystem’s biodiversity.

Video of the Week: The Graceful Flow of an Ellesmere Island Glacier

20 March 2019, by

GlacierHub’s Video of the Week features animated satellite images of a piedmont glacier on Ellesmere Island, which lies in the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut.

Mongolia’s Cashmere Goats Graze a Precarious Steppe

20 March 2019, by

Mongolia’s grasslands are being degraded by climate change and heavy goat populations, driven by global cashmere demand.

University of Lausanne Launches Interdisciplinary Mountain Research Center

19 March 2019, by

Iago Otero and Emmanuel Reynard describe the launch of the Interdisciplinary Center for Mountain Research at the University of Lausanne—a four-year pilot project focused on contributing to the sustainable development of mountain regions.