Looking at Turkish Glaciers through Satellites

28 July 2015, by

More than half of the ice cover in Turkey has vanished since the 1970s, a mountainous country with an average elevation of 1,132 meters above sea level. Half of Turkey is covered by mountains and hills. Glaciers now exist on three volcanoes, in the high peaks in the Southeastern and Middle Taurus Mountains, and in […]

Roundup: Raging Fires, Racing Bikes, Rushing Water

27 July 2015, by

Elite Team Battling Growing Wildfire in Glacier National Park As Tourists Flee “A wildfire in Montana’s Glacier National Park chased hundreds of people from their campgrounds and cabins in the middle of peak tourist season. A management team that responds only to the nation’s highest-priority fire took command Thursday night. More than 200 firefighters backed by […]

PhotoFriday: When I am Laid in Earth

24 July 2015, by

The Lewis Glacier on Mount Kenya is one of the most surveyed tropical glaciers on Earth, and has been monitored and mapped regularly since 1934. In 2010, scientists found that the Lewis had shrunk by 23 percent in just the previous six years. The New York Times reports, “Our glaciers, we’re told, are disappearing freakishly fast, but fast for […]

Tracking Glaciers & Rivers in Bhutan

23 July 2015, by

Less than a decade back Bhutan transitioned from an absolute monarchy to a democracy. Although right to information was enshrined in their constitution, availing reports and info concerning glaciers, health of rivers and status of hydropower projects remains a challenge to this day. Most government reports are neither published, nor readily uploaded on to websites, […]

Alaska Mountain Glaciers Raise Global Sea Level

22 July 2015, by

Alaska’s impact on global sea level rise is becoming more pronounced. Its melting glaciers, particularly the minority mountain glaciers, will be a major driver of sea level change in the coming decades, according to a new study conducted by Chris Larsen, research associate professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and his colleagues. With over […]

An image of a SCUBA diver swimming sideways under ice in Antarctica.

Would you SCUBA dive under Antarctica?

21 July 2015, by

The Antarctic Dive Guide by Lisa Eareckson Kelley tells you everything you need to know about visiting the 7th continent from an underwater perspective. According to the book, diving under ice first started over 100 years ago when divers still used heavy suits and brass helmets to stay dry, while getting their oxygen from ships on the surface. Today, […]

Roundup: State of Glaciers and Glacier’s End Nature Preserve

20 July 2015, by

2014 State of the Climate: Mountain Glaciers “In 2014, glaciers continued to shrink. Based on an analysis of more than three dozen reference glaciers with long-term monitoring, the 2014 BAMS State of the Climate reports that in 2014, glaciers experienced an average loss of 853 millimeters of water equivalent, meaning the equivalent depth of water […]

Plutos Icy Mountains

Glaciers on other planets?

17 July 2015, by

In light of Pluto’s newest photos from the New Horizons spacecraft mission, this Photo Friday showcases photos of the surprisingly snowy and mountainous geology of planetary bodies. While not quite glacial, check out these photos of dwarf planet Pluto’s icy mountains and the snow-capped poles of Mars below. [slideshow_deploy id=’5384′] Our understanding of the composition and processes of glaciers on […]

Iceberg Calving Boosts Methane Emissions

16 July 2015, by

The substantial increase in methane concentrations in tropical wetlands can be attributed to the last Glacial Period, when icebergs calving off North America introduced massive influxes of fresh water into the North Atlantic, new research shows. Calving of glaciers in the North American ice sheet, also known as Heinrich events, released large icebergs into the […]

Artist Diane Burko Ties Together Art and Science

15 July 2015, by

The nexus between art and science first featured in artist and photographer Diane Burko’s work in 2006. Since then, Burko has traveled around the world to capture monumental landscapes and features. She has spent time in Norway, Greenland and the Antarctic Peninsula, documenting and bearing witness to the global disappearance of glaciers.  Burko agreed to […]

Khumbu Glacier, Everest

Melting Exhibit Brings Glaciers to London

14 July 2015, by

The Summer Science Exhibition’s “Vanishing Glaciers” exhibit, an interactive exhibit focusing on the science of observing and predicting glacial mass balance, hydrology, and dynamics, as well as the impact of climate change on vital water sources, concluded Sunday July 5, marking the end of the annual science festival. The Summer Science Exhibition, produced by the […]

Disappearing glacier in Mt. Erciyes, central Turkey. Credit: yuichi hayakawa, Flickr

Roundup: Glacier dynamics, retreat in Turkey, and theological meaning

13 July 2015, by

Before and after: Glacier dynamics and the collapse of ice shelves in Antartica  “Following the disintegration of the Larsen B Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula, in 2002, regular surveillance of its ∼20 tributary glaciers has revealed a response which is varied and complex in both space and time. The major outlets have accelerated and thinned, smaller glaciers have shown […]