Scientists Find Nitrogen Ice Glaciers on Pluto

13 August 2015, by

Newly released close-up photographs from NASA’s New Horizons mission show evidence of exotic ice flow across dwarf-planet Pluto’s surface, indicating that Earth may not be the only planet with glacier-like geology. New Horizon’s Long-Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) shows close-up photos of a sheet of ice that appears to have glided across Pluto’s surface in similar manner […]

Perishing On The Peak

12 August 2015, by

On a journey to Kullu Valley in northern India, David Nixon witnessed death of a fellow traveller. As an honorary research fellow at University of Exeter, Nixon published an article, seeking to explore the theological meaning behind this unanticipated tragedy. It began on a trek towards the Pir Panajal region, an extremely remote mountainous area. […]

Image of the PDO index.

El Niño is Melting Glaciers, Flooding California

11 August 2015, by

Recent research has suggested an increasingly important role between the pacific decadal oscillation (PDO) and the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on natural phenomena around the globe, including glacial melt variability. These relationships are particularly strong when the PDO and ENSO are in-phase, as they are now. One study by Bijeesh Kozhikkodan Veettilab, Nilceia Bianchinic, […]

Roundup: Tidewater Glaciers, North Cascades, Antarctic Bacterium

10 August 2015, by

The Culprit for Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Loss “Overall mass loss from the Greenland ice sheet nearly doubled during the early 2000s resulting in an increased contribution to sea-level rise, with this step-change being mainly attributed to the widespread frontal retreat and accompanying dynamic thinning of tidewater glaciers. Changes in glacier calving-front positions are easily […]

Glacier Mountain

Photo Friday: Through the Lens of a Tajikistani Glaciologist

7 August 2015, by

Earth scientists and glaciologists often have the opportunity to explore and witness Earth’s glaciers and geological landscapes through fieldwork. This Tajikistani glaciologist, Dr. Farshed Karimov, a professor at the National University of Tajikistan, recently published a presentation on glacial dynamic modelling. In it, he included stunning photos from his travels, mainly of the Pamir Mountains, […]

Volcanoes and Glaciers Shape Alaskan Landscape

6 August 2015, by

Volcanic eruptions mark the beginnings of new landscapes. Ash and lava cover existing vegetation and map out a fresh terrain. Though researchers understand how volcanic landscapes evolve over centuries, there is little understanding of how volcanic eruptions have influenced the geomorphology, or the relationship between the Earth’s surface and geological structures, according to Christopher F. Waythomas, from […]

Rockslide on Glacier Exacerbates Flooding in New Zealand

5 August 2015, by

On 2 January 2013, large piles of rock tumbled down Mt. Evans in New Zealand. The avalanches, set off by the collapse of the mountain’s west ridge, sent rocks onto the Evans and County Glaciers and eroded snow and ice. As the rocks tumbled down, they triggered flooding in the Wanganui River. The event was […]

What Do Black Southern Cod Like to Eat?

4 August 2015, by

In the freezing waters of Patagonia, southern Chile, the black southern codfish takes what it can get. With different levels of salinity and nutrients at the mouths of fjords and channels, the black southern codfish maintains regional feeding habits, a new study has found. Researchers Matthias Hüne and Rodrigo Vega, from the Institute of Ecology […]

Roundup: Glacial Drone Photography, Art, and Inventories

3 August 2015, by

New Randolph Glacier Inventory 5.0 This newest global inventory of glacier outlines was motivated by the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and supplements the Global Land Ice Measurements from Space initiative (GLIMS). “GLIMS’ mission is to establish a global inventory of ice that will provide the community with data for later […]

Photo Friday: Alaska Glaciers in Old Pictures

31 July 2015, by

This week’s Photo Friday features a special treasure: the historic pictures of Alaska glaciers. The images were selected from the special collection of Alaskan glacier surveys led by William O. Field during International Geophysical Year (IGY), 1957-1958. These photos include Alaska glaciers like Columbia Glacier, Worthington Glacier, Grand Pacific Glacier, Northland Glacier, Lawrence Glacier, Ripon Glacier, and Yale Glacier, which are […]

Flood Destroys Homes, Displaces Thousands in Central Asia

30 July 2015, by

A glacier lake outburst flood (GLOF) in Central Asia created extensive property damage and displaced  large numbers of local residents, though fortunately it did not cause any fatalities. The lake broke in the Pamir Mountains of the  remote Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), a region of eastern Tajikistan, earlier this month. High temperatures in the first weeks of […]

An image of a rock that has been painted to read "Pack It In Pack It Out"

Mountains Turning into Frozen Human-waste Lands

29 July 2015, by

Dealing with tourists’ waste is always a problem; they usually have a lot of disposable goods and aren’t necessarily invested in the area they’re visiting. The problem doesn’t start and stop with trash, however. Where to put tourists’ natural waste is an important matter for local governments and planners. This issue becomes especially important in […]