Calbuco Erupts a Third Time, with New Mudflows

30 April 2015, by

The glacier-covered volcano Calbuco in southern Chile has erupted for the third time today, after a few days of relative inactivity. It is sending forth a plume of ash 5 kilometers into the atmosphere, and it has created new mudslides, which are  associated with melting of glaciers as well as with recent rainfall. As in its […]

Glacier Conference in Bhutan Promotes Collaboration

30 April 2015, by

A recent conference in Bumthang, Bhutan, titled “International Glacier Symposium: How much do we know about the glaciers of the high Himalayas?” presented data on glaciers there and in neighboring countries. It traced the implications of this work for hydropower development and environmental management across the Himalayan region and led to concrete plans for future […]

Climate Change Adaptation is Key to Water Security

29 April 2015, by

A significant research gap may be hindering community efforts to withstand climate-induced glacier melt, according to a new review from researcher Graham McDowell and his colleagues at McGill University. Understanding how to help communities adapt to the effects of glacier melt, which threatens water sources for communities worldwide, will require deeper assessments of existing projects, […]

An image of the inside pages of Cecil The Pet Glacier by Matthea Harvey and Giselle Potter.

Cecil the Pet Glacier – A Review

28 April 2015, by

Award-winning poet Matthea Harvey wasn’t sticking to conventional children’s pets stories when she wrote Cecil the Pet Glacier, published by Shorts and Wade in August 2014. The book, illustrated by Giselle Potter, follows young Ruby Small on a family vacation to Norway, where she grudgingly befriends a glacier – or rather, a piece of a calving glacier […]

Roundup: Himalayan Avalanche, Glacial Art, and Volcanoes

27 April 2015, by

The 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake on April 27th unleashed an enormous avalanche above the Mt. Everest base camp. This is the beginning of the short spring climbing season and the camp was full of hopeful climbers. At least 11 people have been killed. For more coverage see here     Until May 3rd an art […]

Volcano in Chile Causes Evacuations, Damage

24 April 2015, by

A major eruption of Calbuco,  a volcano in southern  Chile, has melted glacier ice, creating large flood events. The eruption on 22 April came as a near-total surprise, since it had been preceded by only two hours of increased seismic activity, according to Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mines. It shot incandescent masses of lava […]

Photo Friday: Kyrgyz Glaciers

24 April 2015, by

Kyrgyzstan, located in Central Asia, is a country with enormous glaciers. About 30% of the total land area in Kyrgyzstan is covered by permanent snow and 4% is covered by glaciers. The total amount of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan is equivalent to 580 billion cubic meters of water, which can cover the whole country to a […]

Pad Yatra: A Himalayan Journey

23 April 2015, by

Environmental degradation and a rapidly changing climate have left populations in the Himalayas vulnerable. Cloudbursts and mudslides have destroyed villages while growing levels of plastic wastes and other kinds of trash pollute rivers, harming the people who drink from them. In a journey as spiritual as it was physical, 700 voyagers trekked through the land of 15,000 […]

Participation: The Key to Water Governance in Glacier Regions

22 April 2015, by

To conserve dwindling water resources, government policies will need to ensure that communities which live near main water sources are involved in water management, according to a new study by Margot Hurlbert and Joyeet Gupta. This year, 2015, is marked by a global focus on sustainable development and climate change. Currently, a new set of universal goals, named the Sustainable […]

Glacier Retreat Brings New Islands

21 April 2015, by

In some parts of the world, new islands are forming due to glacier retreat. Glaciers, dynamically responding to the change in temperature and precipitation, reveal the big picture of climate variability and change. During the Little Ice Age (LIA) with cooler temperatures, glaciers around the world grew substantially, from approximately 1350 to 1850. It was […]

Roundup: Mars Habitat, Peru Drought, Wildfires

20 April 2015, by

Terrestrial fluvial-lacustrine environments suggest past habitability in Mars “The search for once-habitable locations on Mars is increasingly focused on environments dominated by fluvial and lacustrine processes, such as those investigated by the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover. The availability of liquid water coupled with the potential longevity of such systems renders these localities prime targets for the […]

Image of green mountains and lake in Pyrenees

Photo of the Week: Forgotten Glaciers in the Pyrenees

17 April 2015, by

The Pyrenees, a mountain range between France and Spain, are home to some rarely written about, but strikingly beautiful glaciers. Glaciers in the Pyrenees receive less attention than their counterparts in places like Greenland, the Himalayas, and Switzerland, but like these more familiar ones, they are also very fragile, and very spectacular. Unfortunately,  because of their relatively low latitude and altitude, the […]