Photo Friday: Exploring Antarctica

6 November 2015, by

The United States Antarctic Program houses a comprehensive photo library containing more than five hundred photos of Antarctica’s glaciers and icesheets, allowing the public to explore the continent’s unique ecology and ice-covered landscape. Enjoy the photos below. [slideshow_deploy id=’6840′] The second photo showcases Blood Falls at the terminus of Taylor Glacier. To learn more about […]

A Walk Up Jomolhari

5 November 2015, by

A trip to Bhutan last month provided me with an opportunity to visit one of the glaciers in the country along the crest of the Himalayas. I had hoped for such a trip since I first visited Bhutan in 2011, since I was curious to learn what local people thought about glacier retreat, but I […]

Understanding Glaciers through Indigenous Cultures

4 November 2015, by

Glaciers are bound to the culture of humans who live in harmony with them and to understand the full implications of glacial loss we must include the cultural importance of the glaciers.

Perth Conference Highlights Glacier Retreat

3 November 2015, by

From 4-8 October 2015, researchers gathered to discuss and learn about the “Mountains of Our Future Earth.” This conference was held at the Centre for Mountain Studies (CMS) of the University of the Highlands and Islands in Perth, Scotland. It was organized by the CMS, together with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) and the Global Mountain […]

Roundup: Lava Flows, Pollen Grains and Village Projects

2 November 2015, by

Hazards at Ice-Clad Volcanoes: Phenomena, Processes, and Examples From Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile “The interaction of volcanic activity with snow and ice bodies can cause serious hazards and risks[….] Case studies from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile are described. These descriptions depict the way in which the volcanic activity has interacted with ice bodies […]

Photo Friday: The Dry Valleys of Antarctica

30 October 2015, by

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) houses an excellent Glacier Photograph Collection, including a special collection of photos of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, a row of snow-free valleys in Antartica. However, that doesn’t stop from glaciers from entering into the picture. About dry valleys and the MucMurdo Dry Valley photo collection, the NSIDC […]

A Mountain Festival in Bhutan Draws Locals and Visitors

29 October 2015, by

Hundreds of people, ranging from yak-herders to government officials to foreign tourists, gathered in a remote village of Bhutan earlier this month to attend a two-day mountain festival, designed to celebrate local cultures and promote conservation. The sponsoring organizations and communities presented a wide array of activities, with broad participation by the diverse set of people […]

Antarctic Bacteria Prove Resilient

28 October 2015, by

Surviving in Antarctic conditions takes more than cold-resilience for bacteria, recent research from the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology found. Using six different stressors in lab conditions, from temperature stress to pH change stress to salt and oxidative stress, the researchers were able to test bacterial resistance in the environments they are likely to encounter […]

Glacier Stars in New Bollywood Film

27 October 2015, by

It is not unusual for the viewer of a Bollywood movie to be transported to the pyramids of Egypt, the Swiss Alps, or even the metropolis of midtown Manhattan, as the backdrop for actors’ most intense emotion–whether that is romantic love or a sense of being lost in the world. Recently, the Thajiwas glacier, in […]

Roundup: Glacier Paddleboarding and Ice Loss in the Southern Hemisphere

26 October 2015, by

Paddleboarders soak up splendors of Glacier Bay for 4 days “A typical summer day in 3.3-million-acre Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve might see cruise boats, kayakers and anglers on the water, hikers on shore, flightseers in the air. And increasingly, paddleboarders paddling among ice floes.” Read more about this new trend here.   Studying glaciers […]

Photo Friday: Exploring Mount Shuksan

23 October 2015, by

Mount Shuksan, a glaciated peak in the North Cascades National Park of Washington state, is perhaps one of the most heavily photographed mountains in the world. The mountain’s name, Shuksan, is derived from the Lummi word meaning “high peak–” these photos below show why. Emily from Barnstorming, a wife, mother, farmer and family physician living […]

Norwegian Ice Tunnels Address Climate and Mythology

22 October 2015, by

At the heart of the Juvflye plateau in Norway, icy tunnels are carved in the Juvfonne snowdrift. The tunnels attract tourists, who are there to learn about climate change, Norse mythology, history and nature as part of the Mimisbrunnr Climate Park. The park was named after the well of knowledge in Norse Mythology. According to the myth, Odin, father […]