‘Fire & Ice on the Mountain’: A Conversation with the Filmmakers

2 May 2018, by

GlacierHub had the opportunity to interview Bill Gentile and Karsten Paerregaard about the short documentary film, “Fire and Ice on the Mountain.” The film investigates the connections between religion and climate change in Peru.

Video of the Week: Fly Over the Chugach Mountains and Knik Glacier

25 April 2018, by

This week, fly above Alaska’s Chugach Mountains and Knik Glacier in a video shot by Chris Reynolds piloting a motorized paraglider. The glacier, just 50 miles from Anchorage, is one of the largest in southern Alaska at over 100,00 acres and originates near the peak of the 13,000-foot Mt. Marcus Baker.

GlacierHub News Report 04-19-18

19 April 2018, by

The GlacierHub News Report is a bi-monthly video news report that features some of our website’s top stories. This week, GlacierHub news is featuring recent stories on sea level rise, an ancient tunic, an avalanche that took place in Russia, and even the 100th year anniversary of a world famous mint.

Video of the Week: Fodar Map of Alaska’s Denali

18 April 2018, by

This week, take a look at a video of a high resolution map produced by Fairbanks Fodar of Denali and its glacier-covered peak. Located in Alaska, Denali is the highest mountain in North America.

Video of the Week: A Glacier That Keeps Collapsing

11 April 2018, by

We’ve all heard of glacial retreat. But have you heard of this glacier that keeps collapsing? Take a look at this BBC video of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina’s Patagonia region, where a part of the glacier just collapsed.

GlacierHub News Report 04-10-18

10 April 2018, by

We are proud to present our first ever GlacierHub News Report. The GlacierHub News Report is a bi-monthly video news report which features some of our top stories. We know our readers are busy, so we created the GlacierHub News Report to catch you up on the latest glacier news.

Video of the Week: Shedding Light on Glaciers

4 April 2018, by

This week, journey to New Zealand’s largest glacier to shine a light on the impact of climate change on glaciers.

Avalanche Strikes Near Russian Glacier

3 April 2018, by

  The rust-colored snow on the glaciated peak of Mount Elbrus in the Russian Caucasus unveiled its bright white interior when it came tumbling down the mountain toward a ski resort parking lot on March 24. Most snowstorms in this region do not lead to avalanches. The trigger in this case was the accumulation of […]

Video of the Week: Dogsledding across the Yukon

28 March 2018, by

On this Hump Day, enjoy this twitter thread of multiple short videos from Blair Braverman, a writer and dogsledder from Wisconsin, as she competed in this year’s Percy DeWolfe Memorial Mail Race.

Video of the Week: Fire & Ice on the Mountain

21 March 2018, by

This week, learn how religion and climate change intersect in Peru through “Fire and Ice on the Mountain,” a short documentary film by independent filmmaker and American University professor Bill Gentile. 

Video of the Week: Ice Memory

14 March 2018, by

In a bid to preserve ice cores from some of the world’s most endangered glaciers, scientists are creating a global ice archive sanctuary in Antarctica.

Photo Friday: Exploring the Possibility of Glaciers in Wakanda

9 March 2018, by

The newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Black Panther,” is set in the fictional Eastern African nation of Wakanda, which contains their exclusive metal vibranium, but does it contain glaciers?