Photo Friday: Glacial Surfers in Iceland

1 February 2019, by

This Photo Friday, enjoy the brave Arctic Surfers, who offer stand-up paddle boarders and surfers opportunities to explore Iceland’s aquatic beauty.

South Georgia Island’s Novosilski Glacier Is Retreating Rapidly

23 January 2019, by

Landsat images and British Antarctic Survey GIS analysis reveal that the Novosilski Glacier has retreated 2.5 kilometers since 2001.

Erasmo Glacier, Chile Terminus Collapse and Aquaculture

16 January 2019, by

Researchers report a 48 percent reduction in glacier area in the Cerro Erasmo and Cerro Hudson region since 1870—with half of the loss occurring since 1986.

Kebnekaise Mountains on GlacierHub

Roundup: Swedish Mountain, Glacier Retreat and Glacier Forelands

6 August 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the dethroning of Sweden’s tallest mountain after its glaciers melted, glacier retreat on Maliy Aktru Glacier in Russia, and the anthropogenic influence on primary succession in glacier forelands.

Photo Friday: Capturing Climate Change Through Art

29 December 2017, by

This Photo Friday, view Zaria Forman’s painstakingly drawn, detailed pastel drawings that transport viewers to remote areas and showcase landscapes in flux.

Glacier Countries Condemn Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

19 June 2017, by

Countries around the world were quick to condemn Donald Trump when he announced his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement. Unsurprisingly, small countries with glaciers, with their direct experience of climate change, have joined this round of condemnation. However, the details varied from country to country. And relatively few voices in these […]

Cracks in the Paris Agreement

1 June 2017, by

Major cracks have appeared in recent months in Petermann Glacier in Greenland and the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica. These cracks are advancing and will soon release enormous icebergs into the ocean, one the size of the state of Delaware. They will allow ice from the interior of Greenland and Antarctica to flow into the […]

Editorial: Viewing the Election from the Summits of Glaciers

9 November 2016, by

The weather was sunny on Election Day in western Washington, with widely scattered clouds or entirely clear skies.  As residents made their way to polling places, many had views of the state’s mountain peaks. Yes! — Is the Mountain Out? (@IsMtRainierOut) November 8, 2016 The  results that came in late that night showed that […]

Photo Friday: The Glaciers of Antarctica

21 October 2016, by

Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent, is a hostile realm of ice and snow, fictionalized in our popular culture by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and further romanticized by real-world scientific explorers eager to lay claim to the region. Humans who venture to the southernmost pole do so by way of the Antarctic Peninsula, where they […]

High Altitude Himalayan Heroes Denied Summit Certificates

19 October 2016, by

Sherpas who successfully climbed Mount Everest were denied summit certificates by the Nepalese Government following the 2015-2016 alpine season.

Photo Friday: New Images of Mount Rainier

14 October 2016, by

Mount Rainier may be the glacier-covered peak most frequently shown in images on GlacierHub. Yet we never tire of it. Other people also seem to feel an enthusiasm for this extraordinary mountain, since they make their photographs publicly available. Here are some selections that have struck us. Taken from the air, from the sea and from […]

An All-Woman Climbing Team in the Andes

12 October 2016, by

Mujer Montaña—“Woman Mountain” in Spanish—participated in a recent project of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), in which women climbers from Latin America and Europe carried out ascents of peaks in two mountain ranges in the Bolivian Andes. They established mountaineering records, achieving first all-female ascents and opening new routes. They met another goal as […]