Video of the Week: Lil Dicky’s Animated Music Video, Earth

24 April 2019, by

Lil Dicky’s music video Earth has attracted 38 million views on YouTube—and highlights the decline of glacier ecosystems in a warming world.

Photo Friday: Losing Ice and Ecosystems

19 April 2019, by

This week’s Photo Friday features a New York Times interactive that captures the sensitivity of glacial ecosystems in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Advances in Developing Peru’s National Policy for Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems

16 April 2019, by

Peter Oesterling, a former Fulbright Public Policy Fellow with the Peruvian Ministry of Environment’s National Institute for Research on Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems, describes the country’s efforts to sustainably manage its glaciers.

Glacier Lessons as a Glacier Lessens

10 April 2019, by

For nearly 10 years, Jón Stefánsson’s grade-seven students have been tracking the disappearance of their local glacier in Iceland.

Video of the Week: A Glacier in Greenland Is Growing—But Probably Not for Long

3 April 2019, by

Our Video of the Week features NASA analysis of the recent, albeit likely short-lived growth, to Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier.

Nevado Ausangate Glaciers, Peru Retreat, and Lake Formation

26 March 2019, by

Mauri Pelto, a glaciologist at Nichols College in Massachusetts and author of the American Geophysical Union blog From a Glacier’s Perspective, analyzes the retreat of the Ausangate Glaciers in Peru.

Photo Friday: Popocatépetl, Mexico’s Glacier-Covered Volcano

8 March 2019, by

At a height of nearly 18,000 feet, Mexico’s glacier-covered Popocatépetl is visible from Mexico City. Recent volcanic activity has led authorities to issue health warnings for residents of southern boroughs in the capital who could be exposed to ash emitted by Popocatépetl.

Ragnar Axelsson Documents Iceland’s Disappearing Glaciers

5 March 2019, by

In striking monochromatic images, Icelandic photographer Ragnar Axelsson shows the poetic beauty of his homeland’s glaciers as they begin to recede in a rapidly warming world.

Roundup: Snow Algae, Dams in Ecuador, and Patagonia’s Cashmere

18 February 2019, by

This week’s Roundup features a study of snow algae and atmospheric carbon dioxide, China’s role in Ecuadorian dam construction, and recycled cashmere sweaters by Patagonia.

Crash, Boom, Blast: Heavy Snowfall and the Threat of Avalanches

14 February 2019, by

With increased snowfall comes greater avalanche risk. In response, officials sometimes use controlled blasts to create avalanches that will minimize threats to adventure seekers in backcountry areas.

What Glacier State Congressmembers Think of a Green New Deal

13 February 2019, by

Glaciers are part of America’s iconography and boost local economies. But support for a Green New Deal among elected officials of glacier regions remains slim.

Heard Island Glacier Retreat Enables Lagoon Development

5 February 2019, by

Consistent with conditions across the sub-Antarctic region, the Stephenson and Winston glaciers on Heard Island have experienced significant retreat since 1947, which has led to the formation of lagoons.