Tracing the Reach of An Interdisciplinary Antarctic Study

4 February 2020, by

A study published in 2018 was the first to provide evidence that a positive feedback loop is currently ongoing between the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Ice Sheet, with significant implications for ocean circulation. In just two years, this research has been cited 22 times across a variety of fields.

Photo Friday: Lewis Pugh’s East Antarctic Supraglacial Swim

31 January 2020, by

Last week the endurance swimmer and environmental diplomat swam one kilometer across one of the more than 65,000 meltwater lakes that pock the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to generate support for marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean.

Video of the Week: We are Staying in Lo Manthang!

29 January 2020, by

The new music video for the Nepali song Lomanthang Mai Basam, by Ramji Khand and Sangita Thapa Magar (featuring Ramji Khand and Sangita Thapa Maga), was shot on location in Upper Mustang, Nepal, and features many breathtaking images of the country’s revered glaciers.

The Right Time to Study the Timing of Glacier Melt and Human Resilience —A New Postdoc Opportunity

28 January 2020, by

University of Oregon scientists seek postdoc fellow to join an interdisciplinary team studying the timing and timescales of glacier and societal change in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Photo Friday: Glacier Hugging is the New Tree Hugging

24 January 2020, by

Glacier Hugging becomes the new tree hugging. A climate scientist recently posted an image of himself hugging a glacier to his personal Twitter feed. The delightful photo was taken at Portage Glacier in Chugach National Forest in Alaska.

Seabirds Find New Ways to Forage in a Changing Arctic

23 January 2020, by

Discharge from Arctic tidewater glaciers create the perfect foraging habitat for seabirds. Researchers have been following the foraging behavior of two types of Arctic seabirds that feed near the edges of these glaciers as the climate changes.

Roundup: The Hydropower Potential In Glacier Retreat, A Glacier Children’s Book, and How Glaciers Affect Kyrgyz Pasture Selection

20 January 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the hydropower potential in glacier-free basins, a new children’s book featuring the life of a glacial erratic, and how glaciers figure in to Kyrgyz pasture selection.

Photo Friday: Twitter Feed Showcases Canadian Glacier Paintings

10 January 2020, by

The Twitter profile Canadian Paintings showcases a variety of paintings by Canadian artists from past and current centuries. Among the artwork reproduced on this feed are images of glaciers and mountain environments. Canadian landscapes are particularly highlighted.

‘Most Ice on Earth is Very Close to Melting Conditions’

9 January 2020, by

Andreas Kääb says we need to understand how glaciers are shrinking in order to better adapt to climate change impacts such as changes to water supply, landslides and avalanches.

Roundup: The Glacier Compensation Effect, Amazon Fires Melt Andean Glaciers, and Australia’s Bushfires Accelerate Melt in New Zealand

6 January 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, a recent study confirmed the glacier compensation effect, while fires in the Amazon and Australia impact glaciers thousands of miles downwind.

Photo Friday: Bushfires in Australia Continue to Devastate New Zealand Glaciers

3 January 2020, by

Bushfires in Australia continue to burn. As they do, the fallout is settling as a layer of soot on the surface of glaciers downwind in New Zealand, hastening their demise.

Last Remaining Glaciers in the Pacific Will Soon Melt Away

19 December 2019, by

A warming atmosphere and less precipitation falling as snow on Pacific glaciers, like Papua New Guinea, are killing them. Researchers believe other mountaintop glaciers will follow quickly.