Assembling Stories of the 2010 Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

17 March 2016, by

Like many other people, I was affected by the eruption of Mt. Eyjafjallajökull six years ago.  I have begun a project which focuses on the mountain, a glacier-covered volcano in southern Iceland, and its dramatic eruption.  I am writing to invite you and others to contribute stories about this event to the project, which is titled Volcanologues. […]

Tourists on Thin Ice in Glacial Lagoon

15 March 2016, by

In February, a group of nearly 50 tourists drew national attention in Iceland when, ignoring posted signs, they wandered onto a sheet of ice. Luckily they were called by back to shore by a tour guide who spotted them, according to Iceland Magazine. However, the event raised the question of tourist safety, which is a […]

Roundup: Holes, Wedding, and Collapse

14 March 2016, by

Each week, we highlight three stories from the forefront of glacier news. Holes in Glaciers May Harbor Unique Flora   From Czech Polar Reports – Masaryk University: “Cryoconite holes are small, extreme habitats, widespread in the ablation zones of glaciers worldwide. They can provide a suitable environment for microorganisms including bacteria, cyanobacteria, algae, fungi, and […]

Photo Friday: The Kerguelen Islands

11 March 2016, by

The Kerguelen Islands, part of the French Southern and Antarctic lands, are located in the southern Indian Ocean.The islands are among the most isolated places on Earth, over 3200 km away from the nearest populated area. The largest island is Grand Terre (120 by 150 km). It contains the capital city of Port-aux-Francais. On the islands, […]

Roundup: Glacier Lakes, Crevasses and Laws

7 March 2016, by

Each week, we highlight three stories from the forefront of glacier news. Decreasing Diversity in Glacier Lakes From Universität Innsbruck: “Professor Ruben Sommaruga from the Institute of Ecology, and Hannes Peter from the research group Lake and Glacier Ecology have studied shifts in diversity during the transition from turbid glacial to clear mountain lakes and […]

Ancient Cultures Inspire Current Adaptations in the Andes

3 March 2016, by

On 24 February, GlacierHub’s managing editor, Ben Orlove, gave a talk titled “Bodies, Objects, and Power in Andean Landscapes and Waterscapes” at the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. His lecture was one of a series of public talks linked to the exhibit “Kay Pacha: Reciprocity with the Natural World,” the first major display […]

Roundup: Hockey, Daredevil Tourists, Microbial Diets

29 February 2016, by

Each week, we highlight three stories from the forefront of glacier news. Hockey Warms Up Village in Kyrgyzstan From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: “In the mountains of northern Kyrgyzstan, winters can be long and cold. So people in the tiny village of Kenesh have come up with a healthy way to keep active and fit. Each […]

Photo Friday: Spotlight on Heard Island and Big Ben Volcano

26 February 2016, by

Big Ben, a volcano on the remote sub-Antarctic Heard Island, has erupted 3 times in the past 5 years, but scientists have just recently been able to capture live images.

Photo Friday: Arctic Sea Ice Extent Reaches a New Low

19 February 2016, by

As global warming continues, Arctic sea ice broke the record this year, reaching a new low extent for the month of January. January is typically a month of relatively large sea ice extent, with the annual maximum occurring between February and April. A low sea ice extent in January suggests that the annual maximum, coming […]

Life by Ice: An Alaskan Poet’s Account

18 February 2016, by

I couldn’t have known, ten years ago, how that first little taste of Wrangell Mountains backcountry would lead to an obsession with glaciers. I’d had some first dates with Alaska’s Kennicott Valley in prior years, including memorable forays on the accessible Root Glacier. It set the hook hard, with its crisp trim lines, succession zones, […]

Photo Friday: Upsala Glacier

12 February 2016, by

Upsala Glacier, a stunning glacier within Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in Argentina, has been retreating rapidly due to climate change. NASA has found, through satellite imaging, that Upsala’s ice front has moved back approximately 2 miles since 2001, following a similar trend seen in the rest of Patagonia (the vast area at the southern extent of […]

A Glacier-covered Volcano in Chile: Will It Erupt Soon?

2 February 2016, by

Several recent events suggest that a set of glacier-covered volcanoes in the southern Chilean region of Bío-Bío, which have been showing increasing activity since December, may be likely to erupt.  The three mountains, known as the Nevados de Chillán, reach over 3200 meters in elevation, and have a set of glaciers totaling over 2 square kilometers in […]