GlacierHub is Moving to a New Home

21 May 2020, by

The website GlacierHub is moving today to join State of the Planet, the blog of Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Roundup: Melting Glaciers Move Borders, Peruvian Study Opens Door for Glacial Research, and Glacier Meltwater Acoustics

18 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup read about how melting glaciers are shifting a border in Europe, how a glacial runoff study in Peru opened a door for research, and what the sounds glaciers make can show us about their health.

Photo Friday: Piecing Together an Adventure During Quarantine

15 May 2020, by

If you are going stir crazy at home as quarantine continues and are looking for a way to escape reality, try solving a jigsaw puzzle that takes you on a journey to the top of an ice-capped mountain. Actually, solving jigsaw puzzles does provide a metaphorical escape from the times in life when we we’ve seemingly lost all control. They have been proven to boost mental health by offering psychological order to the chaos we feel around us.

Video of the Week: Coronavirus Protests in Pakistani Karakoram

13 May 2020, by

Protests sparked by the coronavirus have broken out in the Astore District in northern Pakistan. This region is home to many glaciers, which heavily influence the lives of local communities.

Roundup: Norwegian Glacier Change, Climbing Federation Refocuses Priorities, and Antarctic Meltwater Influence on Phytoplankton

11 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the uniform retreat of recently advancing Norwegian glaciers, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation’s restated priorities, and how Antarctic meltwater is influencing phytoplankton, the base of marine food webs.

Q & A with Artist Activist Diane Burko

5 May 2020, by

Diane Burko is an artist whose practice is situated at the intersection of art, science and the environment, embracing issues of climate change. Her new series invites the viewer to wonder and engage through a time-based, lenticular medium.

Video of the Week: Measuring Mass Balance on an Austrian Glacier

29 April 2020, by

Glacier mass balance is an indicator of a glacier’s overall health. In this week’s Video of the Week researchers document the process of recording the mass balance of Multwitzkees glacier in the Austrian Alps.

Photo Friday: A Digital Field Guide to the Wildflowers of Mount Everest

24 April 2020, by

While Nepal is most known for its breathtaking views of glacial peaks, mountaineers know that undeniable beauty lies along the trails as well. Those lucky enough to explore the mountainsides this season may be curious about the names and stories behind the foliage — and those locked in place due to Covid-19 may be itching to virtually explore the nature of this beautiful landscape. Luckily, there’s an app for that!

Video of the Week: GlacierHub Celebrates Earth Day 50th Anniversary

22 April 2020, by

In this week’s Video of the Week, as the world turns to virtual Earth Day celebrations to honor the 50th anniversary, GlacierHub’s editorial staff share what Earth Day means to them and their top pick for favorite story researched.

Photo Friday: Outlet Glaciers of Greenland

17 April 2020, by

Each August a team of earth scientists and polar engineers make a routine maintenance trip to Greenland to keep a network of sensors functioning in one of the planet’s most inhospitable climates. They took photos along the way, we shared them.

Acoustics of Meltwater Drainage in Greenland Glacial Soundscapes

16 April 2020, by

Environmental soundscapes provide information across a varied range of phenomena, but glaciers represent a relatively new soundscape frontier. A new paper presents the first evidence of unexplained acoustic phenomena being generated by water drainage through a crevasse on Bowdoin Glacier in Greenland.

Video of the Week: Nepali Celebrities Take Part in Coronavirus Song

15 April 2020, by

A COVID-19 song performed by Nepali A-list entertainers was published in March of this year. The song warns about the novel coronavirus and describes actions to reduce the spread.