Grand Teton roadtrip on Glacierhub

Reflections from Two Girls on a Rocky Adventure

26 September 2018, by

Two girls and a car, fresh out of grad school, with new perspectives on climate science. Read about our graduation trip to the Rocky Mountains.

A Cap on Climbers at Mont Blanc

18 September 2018, by

Mont Blanc, the highest peak of Alps, faces a tourist cap issued by the French government after an increase in hiker deaths from rockfalls.

Photo Friday: Dodging Fires in Glacier National Park

17 August 2018, by

Have you heard about the fires engulfing part of Glacier National Park in Montana this week? GlacierHub writer Natalie Belew was in the park when the fires struck and captured photographs of the rapidly receding glaciers from the Grinnell Glacier trail in Many Glacier.

Adapting to Glacier Retreat in Peru’s Huascarán National Park

8 August 2018, by

A recent article in Regional Environmental Change by Mattias Borg Rasmussen explores the nexus of climate change, retreating glaciers, and conservation landscapes in the context of Pastoruri Glacier in Peru’s Huascarán National Park.

Still Unresolved, Saga of Jumbo Glacier Resort Heads Back to Canadian Court

10 July 2018, by

Not over yet: There’s a new twist to the nearly thirty-year saga on the construction of Jumbo Glacier Resort in British Columbia of Canada. The developers have brought the case back to court, aiming to overturn government’s 2015 decision and resurrect the resort’s construction.

Photo Friday: From the Philippines to Grey Glacier

15 June 2018, by

Long hikes, cold winds, and raging rivers weren’t enough to keep Filipino world traveler Rocco Puno from reaching his destination, the world-renowned Grey Glacier.

Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Tourism in Tibet

12 June 2018, by

With an increase in tourism in Tibet after the construction of Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2006, how can ecological conservation and local economic growth be balanced?

Where Scientists Sleep: A History of Alpine Huts

30 May 2018, by

A recent study by architectural historians Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo explores how the design and construction of huts in the Western Alps in the late eighteenth through nineteenth century was a milestone in the scientific exploration of the Alps.

Mount Rainer’s glacier covered peak even during the summer (Source: Kelly / Instagram)

Mount Rainier: More Than Just A Holiday Destination

4 May 2018, by

Mount Rainier National Park might be a popular vacation spot, but there’s another side to it as well.

Photo Friday: A Visit to Sajama, Bolivia

20 April 2018, by

This Photo Friday, journey to Sajama, Bolivia, through photos taken by Karina Yager, a professor at the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University.

Video of the Week: A Glacier That Keeps Collapsing

11 April 2018, by

We’ve all heard of glacial retreat. But have you heard of this glacier that keeps collapsing? Take a look at this BBC video of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina’s Patagonia region, where a part of the glacier just collapsed.

Photo Friday: Mer de Glace, a “Sea of Ice”

16 February 2018, by

A trip to the French Alps, home of the famous Mont Blanc and majestic Mer de Glace, or “Sea of Ice,” inspired this author to consider the tragedy of a glacier-less world for future generations.