An All-Woman Climbing Team in the Andes

12 October 2016, by

Mujer Montaña—“Woman Mountain” in Spanish—participated in a recent project of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA), in which women climbers from Latin America and Europe carried out ascents of peaks in two mountain ranges in the Bolivian Andes. They established mountaineering records, achieving first all-female ascents and opening new routes. They met another goal as […]

Sports Medicine Specialist Discusses Ice Climbing

28 September 2016, by

Volker Schoeffl, a physician and professor in Bamberg, Germany, is a leading specialist on sports medicine, with particular emphasis on climbing. He works in both Germany. He is the physician of the German national climbing team, and also serves on the medical commissions of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation  and the International Federation of […]

Roundup: The Past, Present and Future of Ice on Earth and Mars

26 September 2016, by

This Week’s Roundup: Glacier Archaeology, Medicine and Simulation Researchers explore an abandoned ice-skating rink at a glacier in New Zealand From the New Zealand Department of Conservation: “In its heyday (the 1930s), the Mt. Harper ice rink was reputed to be the largest ice rink in the Southern Hemisphere, attracting hundreds of ice skaters and […]

The Andes Challenge: Extreme Sports, Tourism and Science in Peru

7 September 2016, by

Four extreme athletes gathered before dawn on August 28 at a glacier in Peru to start a 170 kilometer race. Setting off from the foot of Mount Vallunaraju in the Cordillera Blanca range, they ran up to its summit at 5625 meters and down to the Llaca valley. They then alternated cycling and running, passing […]

Photo Friday: Ice diving in the Alps – Glacial Lake Sassolo

29 July 2016, by

Franco Banfi is a professional underwater photographer, renowned for his spectacular images of marine wildlife, captured across every ocean on the planet. In 2010, Banfi, a Swiss national, dived into the Lago di Sassolo (Lake Sassolo) to reveal the hidden wonders of the ice mazes which form in the glacial lake at 6,560 feet (2,000 m) above […]

Roundup: On Glaciers This Week: Raves, Yoga and Kayaks

27 June 2016, by

Icelanders Celebrate Solstice with Glacier Rave From The Daily Beast: “Sure enough, there he was: a man dressed in a head-to-toe panda costume running toward the bus and waving his hands, a sweaty tornado of furry stress, desperate not to miss the bus that would transport him to the Langjökull Glacier—and the 500-meter tunnel that […]

Ski Resorts Seek Alternatives

30 December 2015, by

As snow rapidly disappears from high mountains, ski and winter sport resorts are looking for alternatives to keep their struggling businesses alive. The world’s skiing industry is worth $60 to $70 billion, some estimates say. About 44 percent of ski-related travel is in the alps, while 21 percent is in the United States. In just 30 […]

Photo Friday: Kazakhs of the Altai Mountains

20 November 2015, by

The Altai Mountains in Central Asia, located where Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan meet, is home to a diverse and intriguing population. Altai is Turkic-Mongolian for golden and this land of vast beauty has several glaciers, including Tsambagarav Glacier pictured below. One particularly interesting population in this region is the Mongolian Kazakh, who tame golden eagles to hunt from the heights of these formidable mountains. Enjoy these photos of […]

A Mountain Festival in Bhutan Draws Locals and Visitors

29 October 2015, by

Hundreds of people, ranging from yak-herders to government officials to foreign tourists, gathered in a remote village of Bhutan earlier this month to attend a two-day mountain festival, designed to celebrate local cultures and promote conservation. The sponsoring organizations and communities presented a wide array of activities, with broad participation by the diverse set of people […]

Roundup: Glacier Paddleboarding and Ice Loss in the Southern Hemisphere

26 October 2015, by

Paddleboarders soak up splendors of Glacier Bay for 4 days “A typical summer day in 3.3-million-acre Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve might see cruise boats, kayakers and anglers on the water, hikers on shore, flightseers in the air. And increasingly, paddleboarders paddling among ice floes.” Read more about this new trend here.   Studying glaciers […]

Meru – The Story of The Impossible

25 August 2015, by

A spine-chilling documentary of three climbers, Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk, premiered in New York last week. It shows how they maintained a fine balance between insanity and persistence as they filmed their climb of the Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru.  It is grim trying to understand the drive it took to attempt […]

An image of a SCUBA diver swimming sideways under ice in Antarctica.

Would you SCUBA dive under Antarctica?

21 July 2015, by

The Antarctic Dive Guide by Lisa Eareckson Kelley tells you everything you need to know about visiting the 7th continent from an underwater perspective. According to the book, diving under ice first started over 100 years ago when divers still used heavy suits and brass helmets to stay dry, while getting their oxygen from ships on the surface. Today, […]