Dispatches from the Cryosphere: Intimate Encounters with the Intricate and Disappearing Ice of Everest Base Camp

25 July 2019, by

Social scientist and GlacierHub contributor Chris Dunn reflects on three months of research in the Himalayas of Nepal, where he ascended peaks, conducted interviews, and collected high-altitude black carbon samples.

New Mountain Bike Trails Highlight Long Island’s Glacier Remnants

18 July 2019, by

Glaciers shaped the Greater New York landscape, then industry exploited the glacial depositions to build New York City. Now a local non-profit is reclaiming the spoiled land for the community and honoring glaciers in the process.

Inspiring Girls Expeditions: Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Scientists

26 February 2019, by

The organization is dedicated to encouraging woman to pursue careers in the male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Crash, Boom, Blast: Heavy Snowfall and the Threat of Avalanches

14 February 2019, by

With increased snowfall comes greater avalanche risk. In response, officials sometimes use controlled blasts to create avalanches that will minimize threats to adventure seekers in backcountry areas.

An Impossible First: Colin O’Brady Completes Solo Trek Across Antarctica

22 January 2019, by

On the 26th of December, 33-year-old American Colin O’Brady became the first person to transverse Antarctica unassisted and unaided by wind.

Junko Tabei, Japan’s Leading Woman Climber

13 November 2018, by

On May 16, 1975, Japanese mountaineer Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain at 8,848 m. Read her story.

Video of the Week: Freeski of the Mer de Glace

7 November 2018, by

In this week’s Video of the Week, Sam Favret takes us on a white-knuckle freeski of the Mer de Glace, the largest glacier in France. Acrobatic inversions, rotations, and icy wall rides are artfully integrated in a free-flowing ride as natural as the glacier itself.

North of Nightfall: Glaciers, Mountain Biking and Climate Change

7 November 2018, by

Red Bull Media House’s film, “North of Nightfall,” follows the journey of four mountain bikers through the sensitive habitat of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Video of the Week: North of Nightfall

24 October 2018, by

This week’s Video of the Week takes place on Axel Heiberg Island in the Arctic Circle, where extreme mountain bikers aim to take on new heights. In the opening few seconds, a man ascends a mountain slope, carrying his bike on his shoulders. The camera pans out, so the viewer can see the vastness of […]

Photo Friday: World Nomad Games 2018

21 September 2018, by

The 2018 World Nomad Games took place in the Kyrgyz Republic on September 2, featuring thousands of athletes from 77 countries competing in 37 types of ethnosports.

Indian Military Personnel Practicing Yoga for International Yoga Day 2018 (Source: Sadhguru/Twitter)

Yoga for Peace: Siachen Glacier’s International Yoga Day 2018

4 July 2018, by

It was -4 degrees Celsius, but the weather did not stop Indian soldiers at Siachen Glacier from commemorating International Yoga Day 2018 by performing yoga at the break of dawn. However, yoga is far more than just a peaceful sport to India.

Living & Dying on the Glaciers of Everest

13 June 2018, by

The formidable Mount Everest—the tallest mountain and home to a number of the world’s highest glaciers — has long been a source of wonder and the pinnacle test of human strength and capability. For many mountaineers, it’s their ultimate crown of accomplishment. And for others, it’s their ultimate grave.