Massive Impact Crater Discovered Beneath Greenland Glacier

12 December 2018, by

The discovery of an impact crater in remote northwestern Greenland might have significant implications for the most recent sudden climate change event in Earth’s history.

Photo Friday: Glacier Foliation

7 December 2018, by

This week’s Photo Friday features foliation, the layering structure common to most glaciers. Caused by stress and deformation as a glacier grinds over uneven terrain, foliation is made visible by minute differences in ice types.

Are White Whales Resilient to Climate Change?

6 December 2018, by

A recent study looks at the climate effects on white whale habitats in Svalbard. Researchers examine changes to movement patterns and behavior in this population.

Exception or Rule? The Case of Katla, One of Iceland’s Subglacial Volcanoes

4 December 2018, by

A recent study about Katla, a subglacial volcano in Iceland, revealed that despite previous assumptions, Katla emits CO2 at a globally significant level.

Inside the Gut of the Patagonian Dragon

28 November 2018, by

The Patagonian Dragon is at the top of the glacier food chain. What it eats and excretes is central to glacier and downstream ecosystems.

Photo Friday: Flora Biodiversity in the Carabaya Mountains

23 November 2018, by

The Carabaya Mountains are home to over 506 vascular plant species. View some photos of these unique plants here.

The Future Disappearance of Quelccaya Ice Cap

22 November 2018, by

Quelccaya ice cap, the world’s largest tropical ice cap, may soon cease to exist. At the current rate of warming, researchers estimate a complete disappearance by mid-century.

Where the Yala Glacier’s Ice is Going

14 November 2018, by

Sublimation plays an important role in glacial retreat, especially on Nepal’s Yala glacier, where as much as 21 percent of its annual snowfall is lost to the atmosphere.

Human Interference in the Pacific Northwest & Alaska: Will Wild Salmon Survive?

1 November 2018, by

Anthropogenic environmental changes such as fossil fuel extraction and glacial retreat, are two substantial negative impacts affecting salmon species. But not all news is bad news, according to recent research published in BioScience.

A wide panoramic view of the fjords of Greenland.

Are Melting Glaciers Putting Arctic Fish at Risk?

25 October 2018, by

A study in a West Greenland fjord examines changes in the feeding ecology of capelin, an important fish in the Arctic. Capelin are part of the smelt family, and we see that melting glaciers are affecting its diet. How might this impact the greater Arctic food web?

Biodiversity Reversals in Alpine Rivers

23 October 2018, by

A recent study on a glacier-fed stream in the Swiss Alps finds that a biodiversity inversion phenomenon is attributed to the increased frequency of flushing events.

What the Yak Herders of Northern Bhutan Are Saying About Global Warming

17 October 2018, by

Hardly a country in the world has contributed less atmospheric emissions than Bhutan. Yet its those populations, like Bhutan’s yak herders, which will suffer from climate change first, and most.