Glacier Conference in Bhutan Promotes Collaboration

30 April 2015, by

A recent conference in Bumthang, Bhutan, titled “International Glacier Symposium: How much do we know about the glaciers of the high Himalayas?” presented data on glaciers there and in neighboring countries. It traced the implications of this work for hydropower development and environmental management across the Himalayan region and led to concrete plans for future […]

Volcano in Chile Causes Evacuations, Damage

24 April 2015, by

A major eruption of Calbuco,  a volcano in southern  Chile, has melted glacier ice, creating large flood events. The eruption on 22 April came as a near-total surprise, since it had been preceded by only two hours of increased seismic activity, according to Chile’s National Service of Geology and Mines. It shot incandescent masses of lava […]

Glacier Retreat Brings New Islands

21 April 2015, by

In some parts of the world, new islands are forming due to glacier retreat. Glaciers, dynamically responding to the change in temperature and precipitation, reveal the big picture of climate variability and change. During the Little Ice Age (LIA) with cooler temperatures, glaciers around the world grew substantially, from approximately 1350 to 1850. It was […]

Roundup: Mars Habitat, Peru Drought, Wildfires

20 April 2015, by

Terrestrial fluvial-lacustrine environments suggest past habitability in Mars “The search for once-habitable locations on Mars is increasingly focused on environments dominated by fluvial and lacustrine processes, such as those investigated by the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover. The availability of liquid water coupled with the potential longevity of such systems renders these localities prime targets for the […]

The Chameleon Glaciers

16 April 2015, by

Can you spot the glacier on the picture above? Not that easy… Glacier Noir is a debris-covered glacier located in the French Alps. Contrary to clean-ice glaciers which are shiny white or blue ice masses, debris-covered glaciers are ice masses with a layer of rock debris on the top which makes them look like their […]

Could Temperate Rainforests Survive Global Warming?

15 April 2015, by

Nowadays, most of Europe’s temperate rainforests and the coast redwoods are disappearing as a result of over-harvesting. However, temperate rain-forests in Tongass and Great Bear (British Columbia) remain relatively intact. The Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest (PCTR) ecosystem stretches 4000 kilometers along coasts from northern California through Oregon, Washington and British Columbia to Alaska. Known for […]

New Discovery: Record of Glacial Cycles on Sea Floor

14 April 2015, by

The history of the world’s hot and cold periods can be read on the ocean floor, according to a new study. The Earth has gone through cycles of glacial periods, when the great continental ice sheets advanced during colder periods, and interglacial periods – warmer climate cycles like like present day. These glacial-interglacial cycles are […]

Roundup: Yaks, Snow Algae, and Slime Molds

13 April 2015, by

How do wild yaks respond to glacier melt and past exploitation? “To explore how mammals of extreme elevation respond to glacial recession and past harvest, we combined our fieldwork with remote sensing and used analyses of ~60 expeditions from 1850–1925 to represent baseline conditions for wildlife before heavy exploitation on the Tibetan Plateau. Focusing on […]

Post-Glacial Soils’ Star Role in Methane Cycle

8 April 2015, by

The role of woodland soils in the terrestrial uptake of methane is common knowledge for most earth scientists; however, the link between the new soils, which emerge after glacier retreat, and methane uptake was only discovered in 2003. Now, a new study has brought more gravity to this finding by exposing the surprising efficiency of this […]

Ice Worm Guts Tell a Story of Partnership

6 April 2015, by

Researchers develop new insights into ice worm and bacteria evolution by looking into ice worm digestive tracts.

Sirens Warn Chilean Town of Impending Volcanic Eruption

5 April 2015, by

Siren blasts created great concern in the southern Chilean town of Pucón on the afternoon of Easter Sunday. The residents feared that a second eruption of Mount Villarrica, a large glacier-covered volcano close to the town, would occur at any moment. The dramatic lava flows and enormous ash clouds from the first eruption on March […]

New Report Addresses Mountain Sustainability

1 April 2015, by

A major new report provides a thorough summary of research and an innovative discussion of development efforts in mountain regions. This report, titled ‘Mountains and Climate Change: A Global Concern,’ was published in December 2014 by the Mountain Partnership as part of the UN Sustainable Mountain Development Series. The Mountain Partnership is an international organization, dedicated to […]