On Carbon, AGU President Robin Bell Walks the Walk

6 March 2019, by

A profile of Robin Bell, the world’s earth science leader. She says individual effort on climate change leads to collective action. She takes her carbon footprint seriously, and thinks you should too.

The New Science Editors of the Journal of Glaciology

28 February 2019, by

The Journal of Glaciology recently brought on several new science editors who are eager to improve understanding of climate change and its impacts. They look forward to utilizing their skills and expertise to build on current climate knowledge and explore new areas of research.

What the Newest Global Glacier-Volume Estimate Means for High Mountain Asia

27 February 2019, by

A new study of the ice-thickness distribution of the world’s 215,000 glaciers found that High Mountain Asia has 27 percent less ice than previously thought—and could lose half of its glacier area by the mid-2060s.

Increased Focus on Mountains in the IPCC’s AR6 Report

21 February 2019, by

The IPCC’s Working Group II report will feature a “Cross-Chapter Paper” on mountain ecosystems, which possess immense natural resources and biodiversity, but face acute challenges due to climate change.

Asia’s Water Supply Endangered by Third Pole Warming

19 February 2019, by

Third pole glaciers feed into some of the major rivers in Asia, supplying freshwater to about one-fifth of the global population. Warming and the imminent loss of these glaciers could have dire consequences.

Video of the Week: The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment

13 February 2019, by

GlacierHub’s Video of the Week describes the sobering findings of the Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment, which documents the risk of climate change on the region.

Drones in the Service of Sustainability: Tracking Soil Moisture in the Peruvian Andes

12 February 2019, by

Researchers used drones to obtain high-resolution images of soil moisture levels in proglacial valleys of the Cordillera Blanca range in Peru.

Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment Outlines Potentially Dire Impacts of Climate Change

7 February 2019, by

Glaciers in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region are projected to shrink by one-third by the end of the century even if average global temperature rise is held to within 1.5°C, according to the authors of a comprehensive report of the region.

Video of the Week: What Glacier Melt Means for Humpback Whales

6 February 2019, by

In our Video of the Week, marine biologists examine how climate change might impact humpback whales in the waters off the coast of Chile. Researchers utilized buoys to gather information on water composition and monitor changes in the whale’s habitat. 

COP24 President Highlights Risk of Political Instability During NYC Visit

6 February 2019, by

Michał Kurtyka, a Polish energy minister who presided over COP24 negotiations in Katowice, Poland last December, visited Columbia University and participated in a UN Security Council meeting about the threat of climate change to international peace and security.

Heard Island Glacier Retreat Enables Lagoon Development

5 February 2019, by

Consistent with conditions across the sub-Antarctic region, the Stephenson and Winston glaciers on Heard Island have experienced significant retreat since 1947, which has led to the formation of lagoons.

Millennial Climate Effects on a Lake Ecosystem in Southern Chile

31 January 2019, by

In a recent study published in the journal The Holocene, scientists examine the millennial changes in climate at Lake Pastahué in southern Chile. Sediment samples and historical records help reconstruct past environmental conditions at the lake ecosystem.