Iceberg Melt Rates and Glacier Frontal Ablation: Seller and Heim Glacier, Antarctica

19 May 2020, by

A new study re-emphasizes the importance of considering the ocean’s role in forcing changes on ocean-terminating glaciers.

Roundup: Melting Glaciers Move Borders, Peruvian Study Opens Door for Glacial Research, and Glacier Meltwater Acoustics

18 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup read about how melting glaciers are shifting a border in Europe, how a glacial runoff study in Peru opened a door for research, and what the sounds glaciers make can show us about their health.

No Change in Black Carbon Levels on Peruvian Glaciers, Despite Pandemic Quarantine

12 May 2020, by

An interview with Peruvian glaciologist Wilmer Rodriguez, who reports that despite the global coronavirus shutdown, anthropogenic black carbon levels on glaciers in Peru remains steady.

Roundup: Norwegian Glacier Change, Climbing Federation Refocuses Priorities, and Antarctic Meltwater Influence on Phytoplankton

11 May 2020, by

In this week’s Roundup, read about the uniform retreat of recently advancing Norwegian glaciers, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation’s restated priorities, and how Antarctic meltwater is influencing phytoplankton, the base of marine food webs.

Photo Friday: The 2020 Greenland Melt Season is Underway

8 May 2020, by

The National Snow and Ice Data Center resumed daily monitoring of the 2020 Greenland melt season. The interactive chart, which is updated daily, provides a contextual look at ongoing melt across the ice sheet and its outlet glaciers.

Video of the Week: Measuring Mass Balance on an Austrian Glacier

29 April 2020, by

Glacier mass balance is an indicator of a glacier’s overall health. In this week’s Video of the Week researchers document the process of recording the mass balance of Multwitzkees glacier in the Austrian Alps.

Does Debris Cover Offset Glacier Retreat In The Greater Caucasus?

21 April 2020, by

An analysis of debris-covered glaciers in the Caucasus found an increase of supra-glacial debris on all of the nearly 700 glaciers examined. Those with debris melted slower, suggesting debris may partially offset glacier mass loss.

Photo Friday: Outlet Glaciers of Greenland

17 April 2020, by

Each August a team of earth scientists and polar engineers make a routine maintenance trip to Greenland to keep a network of sensors functioning in one of the planet’s most inhospitable climates. They took photos along the way, we shared them.

Acoustics of Meltwater Drainage in Greenland Glacial Soundscapes

16 April 2020, by

Environmental soundscapes provide information across a varied range of phenomena, but glaciers represent a relatively new soundscape frontier. A new paper presents the first evidence of unexplained acoustic phenomena being generated by water drainage through a crevasse on Bowdoin Glacier in Greenland.

Robotic Kayaks Discover High Rates of Underwater Glacier Melt

14 April 2020, by

A recent study using autonomous kayaks found evidence that ambient submarine melting beneath the tongue of Alaska’s LeConte Glacier has been underestimated by a factor of up to 100. The finding opens the door for further research into a previously minimized factor in glacier melt.

Photo Friday: Coronavirus Shutdown Brings Clean Air, Clear Mountain Views

10 April 2020, by

Stay home orders worldwide have slowed the thrum of human activity. Water is clearer, air is cleaner, and even seismic activity is more detectable. Some glacier communities are seeing their mountains through visibility not experienced in decades.

Peruvian Study Opens Doors for Glacial Research

9 April 2020, by

An article published in March studies the impact of glacier retreat on water quality in the Rio Santa watershed in Peru. This case study is important for communities dependent on this freshwater source and for researchers in glacierized regions.