A Ritual to Honor Mountains in a Peruvian Village

5 September 2017, by

The residents of four Quechua villages in the Chicón valley in highland Peru performed a complex ritual on August 6 this year, as they have done for years, as a means of making offerings to Pachamama, the earth mother, understood as the source of vitality for humans and other beings. Such offerings, made at this […]

An Interview on Patagonian Imaginaries

30 August 2017, by

A recent paper in the Journal of Latin American Geography, “The Patagonian Imaginary: Natural Resources and Global Capitalism at the Far End of the World,” analyzes the construction of southern Andean Patagonia as an “ecoregion,” a label that has come to dominate the representation of the glaciated territory of Chile and Argentina. Through this representation, resource […]

IPCC Announces Details of a Report Chapter on High Mountains

23 August 2017, by

On 17 August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announced the list of experts it has invited to work on a major document, the Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (SROCC). Hans Poertner, the co-chair of IPCC Working Group II, underscored the importance of this report. In a statement issued […]

National Climate Assessment Report Under Review by Trump Administration

22 August 2017, by

The Trump administration reviews a 545-page draft report about the causes and impacts of global warming including the imminent threat of glacial retreat, which is part of the National Climate Assessment.

Roundup: Climate Change and Poetic Geology

21 August 2017, by

Trump Administration Disbands Climate Advisory Committee From Nature: “The advisory group’s charter expired on 20 August, and Trump administration officials informed members late last week that it would not be renewed. ‘It really makes me worried and deeply sad,’ says Richard Moss, a climate scientist at the University of Maryland in College Park and co-chair […]

Roundup: Ultra Denials, Temperatures, and Marathons

14 August 2017, by

Trump on Climate: Deny, Deny, Deny From HuffPost: “Perry went on to defend his and others’ denial of near-universally accepted climate science, suggesting that those who question the scientific community’s findings are more intelligent. Also in June, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park started melting ‘right after the end of […]

Radical Tactical Shift: Swimming in Unfrozen Places

10 August 2017, by

In the Arctic, global climate change is a story of disappearing ice. Midwinter sea ice has decreased by two million square kilometers since satellite records began 40 years ago, and glaciers in the Arctic have been melting at unparalleled speeds, profoundly impacting Arctic species and ecosystems. When it comes to activism about this troubling issue, […]

Roundup: Crack, Flood, Fight

31 July 2017, by

Petermann Crack Develops From Grist: “Petermann is one of the largest and most important glaciers in the world, with a direct connection to the core of the Greenland ice sheet. That means that even though this week’s new iceberg at Petermann is just 1/500th the size of the massive one that broke off the Larsen C […]

Different Views of a World Heritage Site in China

26 July 2017, by

On July 12, 2017, after careful consideration of China’s nomination, UNESCO declared the Qinghai Hoh Xil region in Western China a World Heritage Site. The IUCN, a major international conservation body, recognized the strengths of this nomination but raised two concerns— first, threats from development, and second, failure to engage with local communities and cultural […]

The Water Management Crisis of the Teesta River

5 July 2017, by

A reduction in the Teesta River’s water flow during the non-monsoon months has impacted water levels available for irrigation, leading to ongoing disputes between Bangladesh and India. The tension between Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Chief Minister of the Indian state of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, has led to an impasse in a […]

Water Stress in the Naryn River Basin

22 June 2017, by

Around the world, meltwater from snow and glaciers has provided surrounding communities with water for irrigation and hydropower, but climate change is altering the timing and volume of the annual water flow cycle. This issue is pressing in eastern Kyrgyzstan, where the glaciers and snowpack of the Tien Shan Mountains form the headwaters of the Naryn River, which flows […]

Glacier Countries Condemn Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

19 June 2017, by

Countries around the world were quick to condemn Donald Trump when he announced his decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement. Unsurprisingly, small countries with glaciers, with their direct experience of climate change, have joined this round of condemnation. However, the details varied from country to country. And relatively few voices in these […]