Photo of Denali

Comment Period Still Open on Proposed Fee Hikes at National Parks

21 November 2017, by

On October 24, the National Park Service announced a proposed increase in peak-season entry fees at 17 national parks, including at some parks with glaciers. In some cases the proposal could more than double the single vehicle entry fee from $30 to $70, creating obstacles for low and middle income visitors wanting to enjoy America’s natural splendor.

A Report from COP23: Still In for What?

16 November 2017, by

Jessica O’Reilly, an anthropologist who works in Antarctica, reports from COP23 in Bonn. She emphasizes the importance of representatives of US states and cities, organized in the “We Are Still In” movement, showing the commitment of many Americans to combating climate change.

Roundup: Kyrgyzstan Protests, Alaskan Glacial Runoff, and Rap Music

13 November 2017, by

In this week’s roundup, we explore protests defending glaciers in Kyrgyzstan, a study about glacial runoff in Alaska, and rap artist Gucci Mane’s latest album called El Gato the Human Glacier.

Venezuela is Losing its Last Glacier

9 November 2017, by

Venezuela is about to be the first country to lose all its glaciers. This will affect the local ecosystem in areas nearby as run off stability and water supply for agriculture will be impacted. And due to the political climate in Venezuela, the last glacier is currently not being studied more than through satellites, which is not enough.

What’s New with Ryan Zinke: Big Sky & the Arctic Refuge

8 November 2017, by

Since GlacierHub last covered the Secretary, Ryan Zinke now faces allegations of mixing political activities with official business while traveling outside of Washington, including Big Sky, Montana, home to unique rock glaciers.

Retreating Glaciers and Advancing Scientists Converge for UNESCO Meeting

24 October 2017, by

The glaciers of the Andes are retreating and researchers are taking notice. Participants of UNESCO’s Impact of the Glacial Retreat in the Andes: International Multidisciplinary Network for Adaptation Strategies project met in Mendoza, Argentina, from August 23-25, to address challenges of glacial retreat in the Andes.  The meeting took place at the IANIGLA Institute (The […]

Glacier Researchers Gather at IPCC Meeting in Fiji

19 October 2017, by

Earlier this month, Fiji hosted a meeting of the lead authors for the IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere, including glacier researchers. This meeting was an opportunity for long days of work, and also for engagement with traditional festivities. Participants were impressed with the vulnerability of Fiji and the warmth of its people.

China and Nepal Collaborate on Glacier Research

12 October 2017, by

China and Nepal have developed a close collaboration in glacier research. By sampling data on the north (Chinese) and south (Nepali) sides of the Himalayas, scientists from both countries can trace the movement of black carbon and heavy metals from South Asia across the mountains into the Tibetan Plateau, a topic of importance for water resources and for human health.

Of Ice and Fish

5 October 2017, by

Greenland is a landscape dominated by ice. The Greenland Ice Sheet flows into terminal glaciers, which calve into icebergs, which in winter are locked in by sea ice. Ice shapes the entire food web, from ocean microbes to the fish that fuel 90 percent of Greenland’s GDP. The relationship between glaciers and Greenlandic fisheries just […]

The Chinese Glacier with Three Names

4 October 2017, by

A visit to a research station in the Qilian Mountains of western China brought the author to a glacier whose meltwater supplies oases along the Silk Road. Reflecting the region’s long history, the glacier has three names, one of them very surprising.

Major Report Stresses the Importance of Glaciers in a Global Context

3 October 2017, by

In September, a new report titled “Well Under 2 Degrees Celsius” was produced by the Committee to Prevent Extreme Climate Change, a global think-tank group made up of scientists, policy makers and military experts.

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Faces Oil Drilling Threat

26 September 2017, by

For the past 30 years, extensive conservation efforts have protected the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil and gas interests. Now, the U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) under the Trump administration has renewed a movement to open up the refuge to energy exploration. In a document obtained by the Washington Post on September 15, the […]