Photo Friday: Siachen, the World’s Highest Militarized Glacier

11 January 2019, by

This Photo Friday highlights a helicopter rescue on the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen Glacier.

Why Mountains Matter: International Mountain Day 2018

26 December 2018, by

International Mountain Day (2018) encouraged collaborative talks regarding the protection of mountain ecosystems, sustainable development and international cooperation. GlacierHub reported live from the event, where GlacierHub editor Ben Orlove, a professor at Columbia University, spoke about research documenting the intensified rate of warming in mountain environments.

Glaciers Feature Prominently at COP24 in Poland

13 December 2018, by

From 2-14 December 2018, 197 countries gather in Poland for COP24. Over two weeks of negotiations, countries will attempt to finish what they started three years ago in Paris, where they set 2018 as the deadline to come up with robust plans for their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Human Capital Investments for Glacier Countries

28 November 2018, by

The World Bank recently released the Human Capital Index, a global measure of children’s health and education, which has implications for glacier countries.

Irony in Big Piney: On Karen Budd-Falen and the Wind River Glaciers

30 October 2018, by

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s new pick for the department’s Deputy Solicitor for Fish, Wildlife and Parks is Karen Budd-Falen, a Wyoming-based property rights attorney known for challenging federal land policy.

Native Americans Call to Change Names of Yellowstone Sites

24 October 2018, by

An organization of tribal leaders representing Indian Nations in the Dakotas and Nebraska has called for a name change of Yellowstone National Park’s Mt. Doane and Hayden Valley.

New IPCC Report Offers New Data, Stern Warnings, Hope

10 October 2018, by

The new IPCC report, SR1.5, discusses the urgency of limiting temperature increases to only 1.5 degrees Celsius, to avoid catastrophic harm. Action is needed urgently. The report mentions glaciers a number of times, using them to provide evidence of rapid climate change and impacts in water, agriculture, tourism and biodiversity.

Peasant demonstration of the organization La Via Campesina

UN Resolution Recognizes the Rights of Rural Peoples

4 October 2018, by

A recent resolution of the UN Human Rights Council grants recognition to the rights of peasants and other rural working people. These include the right to food sovereignty–self-determination of food and access to healthy, sustainable food. It also recognizes the right to have water uncontaminated by mining activities.

Ecuador Presents High Mountain Projects at World Water Week

20 September 2018, by

FONAG, the organization which protects and restores the water resources for the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito, played a significant role in presenting high mountain issues to World Water Week, a major conference which was held late last month in Stockholm.

A Cap on Climbers at Mont Blanc

18 September 2018, by

Mont Blanc, the highest peak of Alps, faces a tourist cap issued by the French government after an increase in hiker deaths from rockfalls.

India’s Glaciers Help Shape Climate Change Policy

12 September 2018, by

A new paper underscores the ways that glaciers have played a role in shaping the trajectory of climate change responses in India.

Still Unresolved, Saga of Jumbo Glacier Resort Heads Back to Canadian Court

10 July 2018, by

Not over yet: There’s a new twist to the nearly thirty-year saga on the construction of Jumbo Glacier Resort in British Columbia of Canada. The developers have brought the case back to court, aiming to overturn government’s 2015 decision and resurrect the resort’s construction.