The IPCC’s Himalayan Error Sheds Light on Peer Review

17 December 2015, by

The IPCC’s 2007 publishing of an erroneous prediction of Himalayan glacier disappearance is used as a case study on the peer review process in science.

The Paris Agreement Offers Some Good News for Glaciers

16 December 2015, by

The 195 countries which took part in COP21 reached consensus on 12 December, bringing the Paris Agreement into being. This accord, in which nearly all nations have stated their specific goals (“nationally determined contributions” or NDCs) in reducing emissions, has been widely acclaimed as a positive step in addressing climate change. With its attention to transparency […]

Roundup: A Big March, High Futures, and GREAT ICE

14 December 2015, by

Worldwide Climate March, in Photos “On the eve of the opening of the UN climate change conference in Paris, campaigners around the world from Melbourne to London are marching to demand action.” See more pictures of the climate march from around the world Call to Mountains “By promoting policies in favour of ecosystem-based adaptation in […]

Meeting at COP21 Seeks Coordination of Glacier Countries

10 December 2015, by

Eighteen people, representing seven small mountain countries, gathered on 8 December at the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris to discuss glacier retreat and its consequences. They reviewed the issues that they considered most serious and considered the possibility of forming an international organization of glacier countries. This meeting included representatives from Tajikistan, Bhutan, Peru, Bolivia, […]

UNESCO Conference on Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

9 December 2015, by

UNESCO held a conference on indigenous people and climate change on 26-27 November in Paris, as a lead-up to COP21, the major annual conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The UNESCO conference, entitled “Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty: Indigenous peoples and climate change,” drew over 60 speakers and an audience of […]

At COP21, Afghanistan’s Adaptive Capacity Remains a Concern

8 December 2015, by

Ahead of the Paris conference on climate change in December 2015, conflict-ridden Afghanistan submitted its climate action plan in October to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The plan’s assessment of the country’s capacity to adapt to climate change and the associated challenges of doing so clearly outline genuine concerns that potentially may impact the livelihoods […]

Georgia: Glaciers and Geopolitics

3 December 2015, by

Glaciers in the Republic of Georgia have seen a 16 percent decline over the last 150 years, according to a new chapter in the World Regional Geography Book Series which describes this country, located in the Caucasus Mountains. The melting of glaciers has also resulted in fragmentation as larger glaciers are broken up into smaller ones (786 […]

The ‘Blue Gold’ Rush in Tibet

1 December 2015, by

Earlier in October, the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region in China released a 10-year plan to spur the companies across the country to invest in bottled water industry by tapping the Himalayan glaciers in Tibet’s already environmentally sensitive region, according a recent report. Tibet is embracing its new ‘blue gold’ rush era. The government’s target […]

Threat from Himalayan Glaciers Larger Than Expected

18 November 2015, by

By Jingchao Wang and Xuefei Miao Impacts of climate change in river systems are likely to have considerable social, economic, ecological and political implications, according to a new study published in the journal of Regional Environmental Change. In order to understand governance mechanisms for climate adaptation in the region, a systematic review methodology was applied […]

Peak Water Looms in Central Asia

17 November 2015, by

Glacier mass loss is threatening community livelihoods in Chon Kemin valley, in Central Asia. People in the region “strongly [depend] on glacial melt water for fresh water supply, irrigation and hydropower production…” say Annina Sorg and her coauthors of a paper studying the increased glacial melt in this area and its effect on peak water levels. The study […]

Roundup: Lava Flows, Pollen Grains and Village Projects

2 November 2015, by

Hazards at Ice-Clad Volcanoes: Phenomena, Processes, and Examples From Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile “The interaction of volcanic activity with snow and ice bodies can cause serious hazards and risks[….] Case studies from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile are described. These descriptions depict the way in which the volcanic activity has interacted with ice bodies […]

Roundup: French Presidential Visit, Trek Itinerary, and Dangerous Glacial Lakes

19 October 2015, by

French president visits glacier to witness climate change “PARIS — The French president took a few steps on an Icelandic glacier Friday to experience firsthand the damage caused by global warming, ahead of major U.N. talks on climate change in Paris this year. Francois Hollande went to the shrinking Solheimajokull glacier, where the ice has […]