Doctor Accused of Taking Artifacts from Glacier

13 October 2015, by

A doctor from Mono County, California has been accused of looting Native American artifacts from a melting glacier on public and tribal lands in Death Valley National Park. Jonathan Bourne, an anesthesiologist, was indicted on 21 counts of looting following a yearlong investigation that began after he posted photos of himself finding a wooden bow out of […]

Glacier Lake Bursts in Alaska

6 October 2015, by

When Paul Gowen, 83, saw turquoise-green water spilling into the Frederick Sound and Wrangell Narrows in Alaska at the end of last month, he knew a glacier lake on the Baird Glacier had burst. Further up the Frederick Sound, residents noticed a larger quantity of icebergs and stronger currents. “This is amazing, this turquoise color as […]

Roundup: “Wild card” glaciers, luxury ice cubes, & glacial dynamics

5 October 2015, by

This West Antarctica glacier is a ‘wild card’ for world’s coastlines “Scientists who have been raising alarms about the endangered ice sheet of West Antarctica say they’ve identified a key glacier that could pose the single most immediate threat to the world’s coastlines – and are pushing for an urgent new effort to study it. […]

France and Italy Argue Over Disputed Glacier Territory

29 September 2015, by

Disputed territory on Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, raised buried tensions between Italy and France earlier this month after the mayor of Chamonix, in France, blocked off access to a dangerous glacier on what Italians claim as their own territory. The Mayor, Eric Fournier, closed a gate at the entrance of the Giant […]

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Roundup: Grounding Lines, Fault Lines and Algae-filled Pits

28 September 2015, by

NASA reports on the Hidden Melting of Greenland’s Glaciers “What’s causing this ‘big thaw’? Rignot’s team found that Greenland’s glaciers flowing into the ocean are grounded deeper below sea level than previously measured. This means that the warm ocean currents at depth can sweep across the glacier faces and erode them.“In polar regions, the upper layers […]

Roundup: Swiss Blankets and Data, Participation in Tajikistan

21 September 2015, by

Blankets covering Swiss glacier to halt ice melt is a temporary fix “From a distance, the Rhone glacier seems perfect, but when seen closely, the surface is covered with white blankets for slowing down the melting of the rapidly retreating ice. The dusty, white fleece covers a huge area near the glacier’s edge. But there […]

GlacierHub is Seeking Contributions for a Video

15 September 2015, by

GlacierHub is looking for contributions to a video that we are preparing to distribute before COP21, the major international climate conference that will be held in Paris this December. We hope that you, as a reader of our website, could join us in this project. We plan our video to include a number of short segments […]

Glacier Girl

Roundup: Border claims, melting, and a new superhero

14 September 2015, by

Mont Blanc: fresh row over territory as France blocks glacier access   “A fresh row over borders has erupted between France and Italy on Mont Blanc – or Monte Bianco – after the mayor of Chamonix blocked access to a precarious glacier that the Italians claim is in their territory. Eric Fournier took the decision to […]

Roundup: Glacial melting, biking, and touring

7 September 2015, by

  Shrinking Glacier Is Backdrop to Obama’s Message on Climate Change “President Barack Obama hiked to a shrinking glacier Tuesday, traveling to this icy expanse to deliver a visual message to the country: This is what climate change looks like. Mr. Obama spent the day in the Kenai Mountains, exploring Exit Glacier, which has retreated as […]

Mt. McKinley’s Name Changed Back to Denali

3 September 2015, by

United States President Barack Obama announced this week he would officially change the name of Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest peak, back to Denali, the original Native American name for the mountain. Mount McKinley was named after Republican President William McKinley more than a century ago, but the name Denali has older roots in the language of […]

Second US Presidential Visit to a Glacier

2 September 2015, by

United States President Barack Obama visited a glacier near Seward Tuesday during a trip to Alaska, making him the second American president to make an official visit to a  glacier. On his trip, Obama took the opportunity to discuss the effects of climate change with Alaska Natives, fishermen and residents of the northernmost state. “We view […]

Did Glaciers Lure Wolves Back into California?

26 August 2015, by

After more than 90 years since the last wolf in California was killed, a pack was recently observed near Mount Shasta. Its presence was established by photographs taken earlier this month by trail cameras managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). These images show five gray wolf pups and two adults in […]