Tibet’s Melting Glaciers; The World’s Leaky Roof

2 December 2015, by

Tibet is often referred to as the roof of the world, since it is the world’s largest and highest plateau. The lead-up to the 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris, or COP21, created a push to make Tibet a central part of the discussions, even though it does not have direct representation there. Though some countries, such […]

The ‘Blue Gold’ Rush in Tibet

1 December 2015, by

Earlier in October, the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region in China released a 10-year plan to spur the companies across the country to invest in bottled water industry by tapping the Himalayan glaciers in Tibet’s already environmentally sensitive region, according a recent report. Tibet is embracing its new ‘blue gold’ rush era. The government’s target […]

Roundup: A Glacier Made of People, A Lake and a Thaw

30 November 2015, by

Global climate march 2015 – in pictures On the eve of the opening of the UN climate change conference in Paris, campaigners around the world from Melbourne to London are marching to demand action. In Germany, demonstrators dressed in white to appear as a glacier. Read more about the story, click here.   Lakes expanding ‘dangerously’ […]

Helicopter Crashes in New Zealand Glacier

26 November 2015, by

A helicopter flying over the Fox Glacier in New Zealand crashed during bad weather last weekend, killing all seven passengers. Four of the victims were British tourists and two were Australian. The pilot, who had 3,000 hours of flying experience, was from New Zealand. The main body of the helicopter was found crushed between blocks of […]

New Findings Suggest Cryovolcanoes on Pluto

24 November 2015, by

On November 9th, New Horizons mission geologists presented evidence that Pluto’s largest and most distinctive mountains might indeed be cryovolcanoes, or ice volcanoes, that are likely to have been active in Pluto’s recent geological past. The findings are just one of over fifty new reports of exciting discoveries about Pluto, revealed just four months after […]

Roundup: An Avalanche, A Landslide and a New Plant

16 November 2015, by

Army Captain dies after avalanche hits patrol party in Siachen glacier An army Captain was killed and 15 soldiers were rescued after an avalanche struck a patrol party in Siachen Glacier in Ladakh sector of Jammu and Kashmir of India on Friday, November 13. Regimental Medical Officer Captain Ashwini Kumar died after the avalanche hit […]

Glacier Showdown at the Mall

11 November 2015, by

Replacing Christmas Trees with Christmas Glaciers in Santa mall displays angers public.

Climate Awareness Impedes Adaptation

10 November 2015, by

A lack of awareness about the threats posed by climate change in mountain communities in Tajikistan, Central Asia may endanger traditional modes of life and local economies, according to a study published recently in Climatic Change. If these communities do not begin adapting to climate change before temperatures pass the threshold, it will be too late to […]

Roundup:The Melting World, Frozen Stories and Ice Artifacts

9 November 2015, by

Alpine glaciers have already begun to disappear worldwide “As world temperatures soar, public outcry has focused on the threat to polar ice sheets and sea ice. Yet there is another impact of global warming—one much closer to home—that spells trouble for Americans: the extinction of alpine glaciers in the Rocky Mountains. The epicenter of the […]

Roundup: Lava Flows, Pollen Grains and Village Projects

2 November 2015, by

Hazards at Ice-Clad Volcanoes: Phenomena, Processes, and Examples From Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile “The interaction of volcanic activity with snow and ice bodies can cause serious hazards and risks[….] Case studies from Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile are described. These descriptions depict the way in which the volcanic activity has interacted with ice bodies […]

Roundup: Glacier Paddleboarding and Ice Loss in the Southern Hemisphere

26 October 2015, by

Paddleboarders soak up splendors of Glacier Bay for 4 days “A typical summer day in 3.3-million-acre Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve might see cruise boats, kayakers and anglers on the water, hikers on shore, flightseers in the air. And increasingly, paddleboarders paddling among ice floes.” Read more about this new trend here.   Studying glaciers […]

Roundup: French Presidential Visit, Trek Itinerary, and Dangerous Glacial Lakes

19 October 2015, by

French president visits glacier to witness climate change “PARIS — The French president took a few steps on an Icelandic glacier Friday to experience firsthand the damage caused by global warming, ahead of major U.N. talks on climate change in Paris this year. Francois Hollande went to the shrinking Solheimajokull glacier, where the ice has […]