Roundup: Tardigrade, Glacier Modeling, and Eyjafjallajökull Eruption

2 April 2018, by

In this week’s roundup, read about Tardigrade populations in glaciers, glacier modeling in response to climate change, and the potential health effects of the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption.

Tasman Glacier, New Zealand (Source: Paul Stewart)

The Curious Case of New Zealand’s Shrinking Glaciers

29 March 2018, by

New Zealand’s glaciers showed signs of an unusually severe summer in 2018. This year no snow remained from the previous winter. What made this summer so severe?

Roundup: Karakoram Glaciers, Comparing Bacteria, and Carabid Beetles

26 March 2018, by

In this week’s roundup, read about Karakoram glaciers, microbial differences of two Andean lakes, and Carabid Beetles in Norway.

Image of Mining Truck on the Glacier Highway en route to Brucejack Mine (Source: Nolan/Instagram)

Photo Friday: Brucejack Mine Sacrifices Glaciers for Gold

23 March 2018, by

Gold mining is a booming industry and is usually conducted at remote locations, sometimes near glaciers. Brucejack Mine has located its facilities deep within the Brucejack Peaks, creating roads and transmission lines that cut through the Knipple Glacier.

New Zealand Southern Alps (Source: Radio New Zealand)

Roundup: Collapsing Ice Shelves, Oil Spills, and New Zealand

19 March 2018, by

In this week’s roundup, read about collapsing ice shelves, Arctic oil spills and glaciers in New Zealand.

Is the Department of the Interior Taking Steps to Protect Montana’s Glaciers?

15 March 2018, by

The US Department of Interior has recently postponed an auction of oil and gas leases near the Absaroka and Beartooth Ranges in Montana. This move reassures some that public lands will be better protected, although many remain skeptical.

Glaciers Serve as a Key Habitat for Harbor Seals

14 March 2018, by

To someone flying a small, fixed-wing aircraft over Alaska, the harbor seals far below contrast sharply against the brilliant white of the glacial ice. The seals vary in size, but they all share a similarity: they’re using the ice as a refuge to haul-out. This behavior is critical to their survival and involves laying outside […]

Testing Glacier Influence on the Whitebark Pine Blister Infection

6 March 2018, by

The Whitebark pine population in the western U.S. is rapidly declining. Blister rust infection, a fungal disease on the pines, has been recognized as one of the main causes of the reduction. Lynn Resler, a professor at Virginia Tech, has led research to determine which environmental variables could influence the rate of the blister rust.

Roundup: Mt. Kilimanjaro, a Glacier Ride, and Rescued Migrants

5 March 2018, by

In this week’s Roundup, learn about the climate mode variability affecting Kilimanjaro’s glaciers, the refugee crisis in the Alps, and a 6-day glacier ride across two national parks.

Glacier Researchers Gather at IPCC Meeting in Ecuador

27 February 2018, by

Glaciers and the cryosphere were discussed at the second Lead Author Meeting for the IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere, held in Quito, Ecuador, from 12 to 16 February.

Roundup: Remote Sensing, Arctic Civilizations, and Glacier Disaster

26 February 2018, by

In this week’s roundup, read about the use of remote sensing in monitoring the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, the history of civilizations in the Arctic, and the catastrophic eruption of Mount Kazbek.

Peruvian Farmer Explains His Lawsuit Against Energy Firm

22 February 2018, by

In a phone interview earlier this week with GlacierHub, Saul Lliuya, a mountain guide and farmer from Huaraz in the mountains of northwestern Peru, explains how he is preparing for the next step in his legal battle with multinational German energy corporation RWE.