IPCC Report is Now Open for Comment

8 May 2018, by

The IPCC special report on oceans and the cryosphere (SROCC) is now open for comment. Individuals and organizations who wish to review the first draft of the report and provide comments can register online. One chapter considers glaciers in detail.

Roundup: Project Trumpmore, Yak Herders, & the 2018 St Andrews Prize

7 May 2018, by

For this week’s Roundup, learn about a new glacier art project involving carving President Trump’s face onto a melting iceberg, Bhutanese yak herders’ perspective of climate change, and the Mountain Institute, Peru, winning the St Andrews Prize for the Environment 2018.

Photo of the Calluqueo glacier

Photo Friday: Traversing the Chilean Andes by Bicycle

27 April 2018, by

This Photo Friday, traverse the glaciers of the Chilean Andes with Marcos Cole, a Chilean geographer and mountain guide.

A New Low for the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

25 April 2018, by

A new paper published in Nature has shown that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation has decreased drastically in strength, especially in the last 150 years. Increasing freshwater input from melting glaciers and ice sheets in the Nordic and Arctic Seas have contributed to the slowdown.

Roundup: Zinke, Wilkes Island, and Black Flies

23 April 2018, by

In today’s Roundup, learn more about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s restoration plan for Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park, increasing ice mass loss in Wilkes Island, East Antarctica, and the distribution of black flies in the Andes Mountains.

GlacierHub News Report 04-19-18

19 April 2018, by

The GlacierHub News Report is a bi-monthly video news report that features some of our website’s top stories. This week, GlacierHub news is featuring recent stories on sea level rise, an ancient tunic, an avalanche that took place in Russia, and even the 100th year anniversary of a world famous mint.

Video of the Week: A Glacier That Keeps Collapsing

11 April 2018, by

We’ve all heard of glacial retreat. But have you heard of this glacier that keeps collapsing? Take a look at this BBC video of the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina’s Patagonia region, where a part of the glacier just collapsed.

Fox’s Glacier Mints (Source: Fox’s Glaciers/Twitter)

Fox’s Glacier Mints Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

11 April 2018, by

What are some similarities between a glacier and a mint? They are both refreshing and cool. Cleverly naming their transparent mint candy, Fox celebrates the 100th anniversary of their famous “Fox’s Glacier Mints.”

GlacierHub News Report 04-10-18

10 April 2018, by

We are proud to present our first ever GlacierHub News Report. The GlacierHub News Report is a bi-monthly video news report which features some of our top stories. We know our readers are busy, so we created the GlacierHub News Report to catch you up on the latest glacier news.

Hard Life by Susheel Shrestha

Photo Friday: The First Annual ‘Mountain Prize’ Award

6 April 2018, by

This Photo Friday, take a peak at photos from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)’s contest winners and finalists. ICIMOD will confer its first-ever Mountain Prize award this year.

Greatest Snowfall on Kilimanjaro Glaciers in Years

4 April 2018, by

Numerous reports of snowfall on Mt. Kilimanjaro have been received in March, which in some cases has prevented groups from reaching the summit. While the long rains often begin during this month, snowfall this time around appears to be somewhat exceptional.

Avalanche Strikes Near Russian Glacier

3 April 2018, by

  The rust-colored snow on the glaciated peak of Mount Elbrus in the Russian Caucasus unveiled its bright white interior when it came tumbling down the mountain toward a ski resort parking lot on March 24. Most snowstorms in this region do not lead to avalanches. The trigger in this case was the accumulation of […]